into-the-storm-oculus-rift-comic-conA number of Oculus Rift experiences have popped up at this week’s annual Comic Con event in San Diego. At least one, a promotional demo for Warner Bros. new film Into the Storm,  is confirmed to use the just-released Oculus Rift DK2 VR headset for a promotional mixed reality experience.

Marketers have caught on quickly, realizing that short promotional virtual reality demos are a great way to immerse users in branded experiences. It takes time to create polished full length games, and developers need more than just a few months to get it right. However, in this transitional phase of mainstream VR adoption, it’s easy enough to whip together a VR ‘experience’ where the user is immersed, for just a few minutes, but not necessarily interacting.

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Among a number of such experiences at Comic Con this week, at least one is confirmed to be using the just-released Oculus Rift DK2. Warner Bros. has whipped up an experience to promote the forthcoming film Into the Stormwhich releases on August 8th.

According to a video we dug up of the demo, the experience lasts about a minute and a half and puts the user inside of a tunnel where people are trying to escape a powerful tornado. A powerful air compressor blasts wind at the users for a mixed-reality experience that corroborates the virtual wind seen within the demo.

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At 0:36 in the video, both players wince at something presumably flying at them in the demo with a completely convincing reaction. It’s virtual reality’s ability to immersive to such levels, that instinctive reactions still happen, that makes the technology so compelling.

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