You may have noticed Oculus Quest is sold out practically everywhere, and while it’s not certain whether the company’s standalone 6DOF headset is selling famously, or is simply the result of artificially limited quantities to generate hype à la Nintendo, one thing is clear: Oculus has sold $5 million worth of Quest content in the first two weeks since its May 21st launch.

As reported by Tech CrunchVP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth spoke at Vox Media’s Code conference this week where he dropped the number.

The company hasn’t detailed any hardware sales data for Quest, however supposing (large grain of salt here) that every user who had a Quest in hand during the first two weeks at least plonked down for Beat Saber (2018), which retails on the platform for $30, sales numbers for that period could tally around 166,000 headsets. There’s of course no way of knowing how much users spent on average during that time, although it’s food for thought.

However you slice it, getting your hands on Quest is still a game of shopping around to find the fastest ship date. At the time of this writing, Oculus directly sells both flavors of Quest with delayed shipping; a week-long wait for the $500 128GB version and two weeks for the $400 64GB version. Comparatively, a Rift S can be purchased directly from Oculus with little more than a one-day wait.

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While we’d be interested to know just how many Quests are in the wild now, it’s not likely Facebook will announce the number until they’re ready to toot their own horn.

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  • impurekind

    Yeah, but how many Quests did it sell?

  • Grey Lock

    I decided to get the Quest over the Rift S because I already have the CV1.
    Also didn’t buy any title that wasn’t cross buy, since again I own a Rift ;-)
    – Grey from Live from the Oasis and VR Game Knights

  • I knew it!! I’m so very excited and happy to hear of it’s success!! After having witnessed the major “Influx” of new comers to VR when Go was released, I figured Quest would be like that launch but on a WAY BIGGER scale and much more positive reception!! It’s like Paler Lucky himself even said “I endorse the Quest, the benefits of 6DOF and Touch controls cannot be understated!” And of course it’s paying off, as folks new to VR finally get introduced to an experience that’s way more akin to High End PC VR, where the Go kinda just sort of keeping new comers from experiencing all that / missing out on such benefits!! It’s truly a Gem! This console is to me on par with the Launch of the Nintendo 64 in the USA way back in the mid to late 90’s back when I was a kid! IMHO there hasn’t been a Console launch, with the exception of the Nintendo Switch that quite reached that level of The Novelty and Breathtaking revolutionary experience that the Nintendo 64 had grasped ever since until Quest! This will forever change EVERYTHING!!

    • Jistuce

      I’d compare Quest more to the PlayStation than the N64, given that Nintendo was late to what was basically Sony’s party, and Oculus Facebook is leading the charge here.

      Either way, though. I’ve compared VR in the past to old-time console launches for similar reasons. Things stagnated a bit for a while there, and VR is the first time since the Playstation/N64/Saturn(never forget!) era started that I’ve really felt like the new hardware is enabling something different instead of just incremental tweaks.

      When I got my Rift set up, it reminded me of the excitement of firing up my Super Nintendo for the first time, seeing my friend’s SegaCD blasting digitized speech and (admittedly grainy) video clips all over his living room, the first 3D accelerator card in my PC… it was immediately obvious that the new hardware was enabling things that simply weren’t possible before as opposed to just “we can do it, but it won’t look quite as nice”, and it is something that has been missing for quite a while.

      • Lulu Vi Britannia

        I feel just like you, buddy!
        When I first tried VR (it was a basic rollercoaster app with an Oculus DK1), I was immediately blown away by the potential VR could offer (and now already delivers!). I gave up on normal gaming a little bit before I heard of VR, but when I discovered I would soon get the ability to literally dive into the virtual worlds, I got thrilled!

  • AlexanderBailey

    The Quest doesn’t handle my tears of joy very well, but apart from that: WAAAAAAA! BEST HMD EVERRRR!! Everyone I’m showing it is blown away. It clearly shows hardware specs is not the most important part of the entire experience. Easy of use, time to get it up & running (2 seconds!) and that incredibly amazing tracking with just a couple of lowres cams! It’s a masterpiece of entertainment!!

    • natalie

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  • I took my Quest to an anime con a few days ago and let some people try it. They were blow away.

    • Firestorm185

      foxrevolution is a fitting name for a vr pioneer like yourself! Well done!

  • Ted Joseph

    Been using my Quest for mostly boxing (exercise), and Poker VR (great game). I have been hooked on the PSVR since Blood and Truth, and Trover Saves the Universe came out. With the freedom that Quest provides, I am more excited than ever for an AR product that is as light as a pair of glasses, and has 6DOF. I noticed some new products coming out. Hopefully Apples product will be groundbreaking. I would love to be able to sit at my kitchen table, and play AR poker with friends sitting around my table. Hopefully it comes sooner than later :)

  • Ted Joseph

    As a side note, does anyone else here wish the Quest had the Halo Type design similar to the S, MR, or PSVR? I find the head strap uncomfortable as the weight in the front is more, and the rubber in the back keeps sliding up because of the weight causing my front face to be uncomfortable. I have tried over and over again to fix, without luck…


      Same problem, here. Bought the ANKER PowerCore PD 10000 battery. Attached it with velcro to the bottom of the skull strap at the back. Counter balances the weight from the front, AND adds 4 hrs of playtime. (a 1ft usb C cable from the battery to the Quest works quite nicely) Now the Quest feels great and i can play for hours with no cheek or forehead discomfort. You can use or attach anything to the back of the strap for a counter weight, but why not get the extra playtime with a battery. Ideal weight is between 200-300 grams. (the battery i mentioned is 192 grams. Wish it weighed a bit more, but it gets the job done.)

      • gothicvillas

        Hope that battery is safe..

    • Downvote King

      That’s honestly the biggest feature holding me back from getting a Quest. They should at least offer a swappable halo-style strap option.

      • CURTROCK

        As mentioned below, attach anything that weighs 200-300 grams to the lower skull strap and it counterbalances the front heavy issues. The difference is remarkable. People have used the VIVE deluxe audio strap, but that costs $100 and requires a bit of tinkering. (see YouTube)

        • Downvote King

          Makes sense, I’d definitely have to try someone else’s setup using a solution like this before I’d feel comfortable investing in a new Quest hoping it would work for me. I’m pretty finicky on the halo-strap vs. conventional ski-goggles+top strap approach.

        • johann jensson

          Or just use the PC cable, it provides enough counterweight. Oh wait, they removed that feature. Too bad…

        • Fredrik

          I second this. I was very disappointed with the front weight. Took some rubber bands and attached a small bottle filled with water (to try different weights), and the difference was enormous!

    • Konchu

      For me I think the ballcap design keeps it more portable. And still able to lay in bed with it to consume Media. Heck even leaning back in a chair with a head rest is slightly uncomfortable for the halo of PSVR. Rift S, Oddysee etc.

      • Brummie Deano

        Konche that’s a really good point, this is why i have not installed my vive audio strap yet because i enjoy sitting back on my sofa watching a movie on Bigscreen and i think the back of the VOS will dig into the back of my head, but the way the Quest is at the moment it’s great for sitting back and relaxing.
        Also i don’t find it as uncomfortable as other people report, i thought maybe its the way they are wearing it. I have the back of the strap under the dip at the base of the back of my head then pull the side straps so there nice and tight but not too tight then i always tilt the headset up slightly and that releases the pressure on the cheeks and also makes the image look better IMO. (Sorry if that’s a little hard to understand but that’s the best i can do lol)
        Hope that can help someone.

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    Hopefully the Quest can break 50 million units in a year or two. If it does, then we’ll finally get solid AAA games and a guarantee that VR will live on.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Not gonna happen. If it sells 5 million units in a year or two I think they might already be very happy..

      • Konchu

        A really successful console like the Switch sold 4.8 units year one at a 299 price point (PS4 at a similar price point to quest sold 13.7 million year one). Switch is still cheaper than the quest by 25% so is not apples to apples nor is it an established brand or a product type that already has a large following. But I have heard the quest being called the Switch of VR and I think that is fair as I feel it has the potential to be the Console of VR and pull mass acceptance. The PSVR did 2 Million in a year and this is a better package so I would like to see them double that. So I have confidence if they can make the units quick enough and keep good marketing this can happen. And if the shortage is due to sincere demand and not under producing we may be in for a pleasant surprise in a year.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          Difference ofcourse with some crap device as the switch, is the following that’s already interested in buying the bugger due to the company which makes it. I don’t doubt the Quest will sell a lot of units, but VR itself is why it won’t sell as good as a Switch (you can’t sit with multiple people in a room and play together with the switch). I do hope ofcourse the Quest sells enough to meet Oculus expectation so they will continue their interest in VR.

        • Zachary Scott Dickerson

          yes, we need this to succeed for the good of the industry. 4 years now and I can count the AAA games on 0 hands. (ports don’t count, they suck compared to ground up games)

          • Lulu Vi Britannia

            Hey, ports don’t suck! Any sim game is 1000 times better with VR. Skyrim and Fallout are far better than their original version as well. Although they do have some issues, these don’t really come from the fact that they’re ports ^^. Have you played Dead Effect 2 VR? It’s a port, but it feels far better than most ground-up VR games, because you can actually interact with the environment (compared to Skyrim for example, where it’s rather limited).

            With that said, I also believe in the Quest ^^. I don’t think it will sell 25M units, but I feel it can easily reach 5M units in a year.
            But the next version of it… oh, boy. That’s gonna be insane (if it does happen xD).

            PS : Don’t compare the Quest to the Switch. I know Oculus themselves did that, but that’s just stupid. Switch sold well because it’s Nintendo. It’s been a famous brand for decades, and that helps. A lot.

          • Zachary Scott Dickerson

            Ports are OK I guess, but I see major laziness from the developers with skyrim, doom and fallout. Sniper scopes that make screen black? lazy, just copy onward or pavlov. Vanishing realms had a good inventory system, try to minimize spent in menus, it breaks immersion. They just have lazy immersion features when it comes to menus and they could have copied small indie teams that had it already solved. That’s why I like from ground up games. (I have not played borderlands 2 though, I don’t have PS4 and no clue if they will add to steam)

      • Brummie Deano

        Why everywhere we see you commenting all your comments seems so angry and negative, chill out dude. Icant be the only to notice. Grow up
        Not this post but in all you others

    • VR4EVER

      It would be a thing, if they manage to sell 1 million in one year! Think about how many PS4 are out there and how few PSVR in relation to that…

      I just hope it sells enough, so that we get a more powerful iteration and hopefully more software, Asap!

      • Zachary Scott Dickerson

        I hope they push the fitness and social elements, not just gaming. Virtual concerts/sports etc. My wife is losing weight in Beat Saber. The Wii fit board sold like 33M units on the fitness spin alone. I feel 25M units is very possible.

        • Cypher

          25M units? Do yourself a favor and come down from these ideas as quickly as you can. Otherwise you will be badly disappointed. 25M is not nearly realistic. Maybe 2. If it’s going really really well, maybe 5.

          • Zachary Scott Dickerson

            Well, from personal experience. I’ve had a Vive 4 years. I’ve shown several people VR but have to invite them to my home. I brought in my Quest, and 4 employees ran out and bought one the next day. A few others said they will wait for more games, and a few more said they are sold out everywhere… It’s different this time. Now you can show it to people, TV/video does not work. It blows me away how few people have not tried roomscale until now, and the price is finally right… Consoles sell way more, and they only have one purpose. Some of the coworker’s wives use them for fitness only. It’s a brave new world this time, I’m trying to stay optimistic.

  • oompah

    Quest is the right approach in implementing VR headsets i.e. stand alone.
    Thumbs up.
    But somebody please make the weight hanging on the nose vanish.
    Can I go for a quest in Skyrim with it,

    • asd

      yes!!!! ive ben playing skyrim on my quest the last few days with ALVR pretty flawless

    • Brummie Deano

      oompah try what i just posted, it worked for me.

  • Johnson Jacksi

    Quest: Nintendo Switch of VR

    • Zachary Scott Dickerson

      I would agree if PS4 and Xbox cost $3000.

  • Roger Bentley

    i challenge anyone that super samples their quest to 2048 or 2056 and play space pirate trainer can tell the difference between pcvr and quest. my mind was blown when i did this the other day. i cant believe 3 years from pcvr launch such a device like this exist im afraid to say what if they put in a snap dragon 855 wow the future of wireless vr is looking good. Now oculus please allow a option to super sample native on the quest. And yes it may impact battery performance please patch in that option cause when you try this the games look so different for the better.

    • asdf

      not to mention streaming from ALVR or others to the headset has been a wonderful experience. a few lost pixels every so often is the only downside and isnt that noticable.

      • Roger Bentley

        I have to agree ill take a few lost pixels for wireless pcvr streamimg. I wish oculus would sell something u attach to your network that would improve the quest wireless streaming. But i know this would mess withthe rift s sales.

  • Lulu Vi Britannia

    I’m really excited about the Quest, but man do I wish Oculus would start learning basic marketing 101… They suck at communication.

    Yes, this result is an artificially limited quantity to generate hype. When you hear that the stocks are empty, you feel like they sold a lot. But Facebook would deliver actual hardware sales if that was the case, instead of an abstract software sales number.
    Because this number is abstract. It doesn’t tell you how much the games sold. It’s just like Superhot devs claiming the Quest version sold “300% more than the PC VR version”.

    Sorry to grunt, I love Oculus, and Facebook is a parasite that I tolerate because it gave the money necessary to move forward. But it’s been 3 years and their communication is still awfully bad. Don’t they realize that silence is proof of bad results?

  • In my opinion, this means roughly 100000 headsets sold in two weeks