Oculus Names 30 Rift Launch Titles and Their Prices


Oculus’ pre-GDC ‘Game Days’ event was an opportunity for the company to flaunt its substantial line up of original virtual reality content for the forthcoming Rift headset. But how many games will there be at launch and how much can you expect to pay for them? Here’s a handy official list of them with links to our coverage of them so far.

Today we published previews of five upcoming Oculus Rift games that you’ll want to check out:

And here’s every Oculus Rift launch window title along with their price (with a couple of exceptions). We’ll be using this page as a hub for all our coverage of the games as it comes in, so check back regularly for updates.

Title Launch Date Price
ADR1FT March 28 $19.99
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games March 28 $4.99
AirMech: Command March 28 $39.99
Albino Lullaby March 28 $9.99
Audio Arena March 28 $9.99
Project CARS March 28 $49.99
Chronos March 28 $49.99
Darknet March 28 $9.99
Dead Secret March 28 $14.99
Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition March 28 $29.99
Dreadhalls March 28 $9.99
Elite Dangerous: Deluxe Edition March 28 $59.99
Esper 2 March 28 $9.99
EVE Valkyrie Founder’s Pack March 28 $59.99
Fly to KUMA March 28 $14.99
EVE Gunjack March 28 $9.99
Herobound SC March 28 $9.99
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes March 28 $14.99
Lucky’s Tale March 28 Bundled
Omega Agent March 28 $14.99
Radial G March 28 $24.99
Rooms March 28 $14.99
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR March 28 $9.99
Smashing the Battle March 28 $19.99
Vanishing of Ethan Carter March 28 Not Announced
Windlands March 28 $19.99
BlazeRush March 28 $19.99
VR Tennis Online March 28 $24.99
Pinball FX2 VR March 28 $14.99
The Climb April $49.99
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That’s the launch window line up, but there are a selection of titles with prices or launch dates yet to be announced on their way too. Here they are:

Title Launch Date Price
Dead & Buried TBA TBA
Fantastic Contraption TBA TBA
I Expect You to Die TBA TBA
Job Simulator TBA TBA
Rock Band VR TBA TBA
Damaged Core TBA TBA
Dragon Front TBA TBA
Eagle Flight TBA TBA
Edge of Nowhere TBA TBA

We’ll be updating the page with new previews of some of these games throughout the day, stay tuned.

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  • eadVrim

    Alien : Isolation !?

    • Brad

      That’s already available with VR support. I don’t know that they are updating it at all for the launch. Then again, so are a few on this list.

  • Anfronie

    Thanks for a nice clean list! :D

  • Bryan Ischo

    What is the means for playing these games on a Vive Pre? Can you just go to the Oculus store and buy the game? Will the Oculus Store insist on detecting an Oculus product before it will sell me the game?

    I expect that the games are programmed directly to the Oculus SDK. Someone really needs to write an adapter layer to wrap the OpenVR library via that SDK, if possible. Hm I’m a software developer, maybe I should take a look …

  • Tom_Kiscadden

    I noticed that there is some crossover with the games offered for the Samsung Gear VR. Since the Gear VR also uses the Oculus Store, does anyone know if our prior purchases will carry over to the Rift?

  • realtrisk

    What happened to Super Hot? I thought it was going to be a launch title? Is it even going to be in VR now?

  • chris9465

    hahaha VR is the new kinect/Ps3 “move controller” limited tech with no reason to exist.