So you got a little out of control last night playing Robo Recall (2017), and you smashed one of your Touch controllers to smithereens. It used to be that you’d have to buy a brand new pair of controllers at full price to get back into the game, but now Oculus is selling single controllers so you can replace whichever one you smashed last.

Available through Oculus’ accessories page, replacement Touch controllers (left or right) are selling for $70 / €90 a piece. Inside the box: a replacement Oculus Touch controller and 1x AA battery. That’s it.

Considering a pair of Touch controllers only costs $100 / €120 which includes a second Rift Sensor, you might consider the markup to be somewhat of an ‘idiot tax’ – but at least it’ll get you playing again. However if you only had two Sensors to begin with, now might be the right time to forget about the single replacement controller and buy the whole Touch + Sensor package for only $30 / €30 more. After all, a single Sensor alone costs $60 / €70 and gives you better coverage for your room-scale tracking volume.

While pretty ridiculous, Oculus’ $70 sticker price for a single controller doesn’t seem that ridiculous in comparison to HTC though, which still sells a single replacement Vive controller for $130 / €145. Hopefully with the entrance of HTC Vive Pro, that will go down in time.

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  • Funny how we posted about the high costs of wands compared to touch controllers in a different article earlier today and then this post comes out :). To be honest, the touch controller played a big part in buying a VR system for me. If the Vive had knuckles then that would have swayed it the other way.

  • Luke

    in italy it’s 90 euro! WTF Oculus!?!?!?!?

    • Ombra Alberto

      Purtroppo ci sono le tasse europee italiane da aggiungere. Non ti aspetti davvero che oculus te li venda a basso costo in questo periodo storico?

      magari tra qualche mese ci sarà sicuramente un abbassamento di prezzo. Ma non ora.

  • paul

    How about selling a replacement headset only, with a 4K screen?

    • Jackie

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    • Get Schwifty!

      One day they probably will.

  • PoTemos Comunismo

    Oculus=shit company with shit politics.

    • Get Schwifty!

      Your name says it all troll.

    • DirkaDirk

      Dude, get laid you senslessly angry fuck.

  • NooYawker

    $70 is not a lot. I busted my Vive wand and paid a lot more than that. Replacement parts are always expensive.

  • Tyler Moore

    Damn, a pair of controllers and a base station is $100? A single Vive wand is $130, really hoping I never break one…