Today at Facebook Connect the company formally revealed Oculus Quest 2, its latest and greatest standalone VR headset. Although leaks have given away some of the surprise, there’s plenty of new details, like the Elite Strap accessory. Quest 2 release date is set for October 13th; pre-orders start today at $300.

After plenty of leaks, we’re finally getting an official reveal of Quest 2. In this article we’ll outline the major details of the headset, but you may also want to dive right into our full Quest 2 review.

From a hardware standpoint, Quest 2 is rocking a powerful Snapdragon XR2 chip with 6GB of RAM, giving it a big boost in speed over its predecessor. That chip will power a new LCD display with a resolution of 1,832 x 1,920 per-eye.

The display is capable of a 90Hz refresh rate but that will be available initially as an experimental feature before being unlocked by default some time after launch.

Here’s a look at Quest 2 specs compared to the original Quest:

Quest 2 Quest
Resolution (per-eye) 1,832 × 1,920 LCD
1,440 × 1,600 OLED
Refresh Rate 90Hz 72Hz
Processor Snapdragon XR2
Snapdragon 835
Battery Life 2–3 hours 2–3 hours
Controller Battery Life 4x original
Field of View Equal Equal
IPD Adjust 58mm, 63mm, 68mm 58–72mm
Weight 503g 571g
Storage 64GB or 256GB 64GB or 128GB
Strap Soft Rigid

While the lenses are the same between the headsets, Quest 2’s IPD adjustment is no longer continuous but rather can be set between three physical settings of 58mm, 63mm, and 68mm.

Quest 2 is also getting new controllers with improved ergonomics and better battery life. The new controllers borrow heavily from the design of the original fan favorite Touch controllers that shipped with the Rift CV1 headset. They have a better grip, larger face with thumb rest, and improved haptics. Oculus says the controllers will last up to four times as long on a battery as the original Quest controllers.

Facebook to Discontinue Rift Product Line in 2021, Will No Longer Build PC-only VR Headsets

While Quest 2 will ship with a soft strap, Oculus also announced two rigid straps which will be sold as official accessories: the Elite Strap and the Elite Battery Strap, both of which are designed to act as a counter-weight for Quest 2. Other accessories, including a case and a ‘Fit Kit’ with face pads of varying sizes, will be available as well.

Image courtesy Facebook

Quest 2 has slimmed down a bit compared to its predecessor. Quest 2 at 503 grams is about 10% lighter than the original Quest. Despite the improved processor and slimmer figure, Oculus says battery life should be on par with the original at 2-3 hours.

With pre-orders beginning today, Oculus Quest 2 has a release date of October 13th and is priced at $300 for a 64GB model and $400 for a 256GB model.

Image courtesy Facebook

In addition to announcing Quest 2, Oculus also confirmed a handful of new content heading to Quest, including Assassin’s Creed & Splinter Cell VR games coming exclusively to Oculus, as well as The Climb 2 and Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister.

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  • dk

    and battery strap

  • Bumpy

    Like the Reverb G2, this seems like a solid upgrade. Most will and should want the 256Gig $400 model.

    That walled garden and mandatory Facebook account is a definite no go however.

    • Bamux

      The Quest Games are relatively small, because the memory is very limited and therefore the games do not have extensive textures. You can install more than 30 games on the 64 GB model. I think that will be enough for most people.

      • Foreign Devil

        The newer games made for Quest 2 .. might have slightly bigger files/texture packs.

        • Bamux

          But is that worth $100 to you? Oculus is releasing new headsets almost every year, so I wouldn’t switch to more memory until I really needed it.

    • Navhkrin

      I will actually get cheaper version. Im going to mostly use it as a PC headset, and may store 4-5 games on device.

      • Ace of Spadеs

        So you all think that 64GB will be enough? no need to pay more? I also plan to use it as tethered.
        Is there a way to keep games on PC and then load them to the HMD instead of uninstalling and re-downloading from the internet?

        • Navhkrin

          Im not sure, but Snapdragon XR2 has very good decoding and Wifi 6 performance, Quest 2 may be very close to HTC’s 60ghz wireless in terms on wifi streaming so we may not need any cables at all. I hope a youtuber tests my claims

          Note: (If you are planning to use it as PC headset, games are stored at PC not on headset, you only need to store games at headset if you are planning to play games without pc)

    • Foreign Devil

      I ordered the 64 GB version. I don’t mind uninstalling games I”m not using but hope it’s enough. I’m a tad dissapointed they didn’t have some newer faster solution for streaming from PC. . I’ll be using for that. I also need to buy a USB-C port for my computer.

  • MentalParadox

    Specs look mighty impressive. I’m still using my 2016 CV1 Rift, but I’m finally beginning to warm up to the idea of upgrading.

    • Navhkrin

      For 300$ they are indeed extremely impressive

    • Bob

      Not sure why you need to warm up to this at all when it should already be an instant buy considering it’s $299 price for those sort of advanced specifications which doubles as a PCVR headset with full access to the Rift platform.

      It’s leaps and bounds better than the CV1 if you can get over the poorer audio and poorer blacks. Even with such compromises I don’t see how a regular user of VR needs to contemplate purchasing this over almost half a decade old equipment with terrible SDE, terrible FOV, terrible resolution.

      Still a few stubborn CV1 diehards out there that need to let go and move on.

      • MentalParadox

        Not sure why you care so much about how complete strangers choose to spend THEIR money. Maybe I had other concerns in life, and was in no position to splurge on entertainment?

        • Zantetsu

          Relax, he’s trying to help you make a purchasing decision.

  • eckehard

    I want to know the real german price inluding -taxes (16%) and duty (6-8 %)-could be for the 256 modell -about 84 tax + 30 for tax – Really –also about 514 Euro ??

    • MentalParadox

      Hurray for EU and their ludicrous VAT.

    • Foreign Devil

      It was $459.99 CAD for the basic 64GB version ordering from Canada. THey never follow the exchange rate .. .it should have been $396 CAD based on exchange rate. ah well.. the premium you pay to not live in Trump Land.

      • Ace of Spadеs

        Turdo is a more cretin then Trump could ever be.
        What Trump achieved in peace process around the world, no one achieved since the end of WW2 and unlike the liberal honey Obama that got Nobel Peace prize before he entered the office, he liberal media “thinks” he doesn’t deserve one.

  • flamaest

    Gone are the days when a ‘pre-order’ meant that you would get a slight discount on the actual price.

  • Cragheart

    Regressing on IPD adjustment, I see.

    • Bob

      Cost savings had to be made somewhere and unfortunately true IPD adjustment had to be sacrificed.

  • shadow9d9

    Does the Quest 2 allow you to wear glasses like the Rift S? Does the elite strap with battery add some weight to the back to counter the front heaviness?

  • Bob

    If anyone is still holding on to the CV1 or the HTC Vive; now is the right time to purchase a new VR headset (Quest 2, Reverb G2 etc.).

    OLED is great but there comes to a point where the picture clarity and sharpness is so monumentally upgraded over the 2016 headsets it’s almost criminal to not let yourself experience VR in all of it’s gorgeous unpixelated glory.

    Upgrade to something. Let go of the blacks and embrace the grey. It’s time.

    • Kryojenix

      But is it worth stopping to consider whether to gift all of your tracking data to Facebook or not?

      • Bob

        It is a talking point but it’s also why the comment additionally mentions alternatives if privacy is something you’re concerned about.

        If it isn’t something you’re concerned about then voila $299 for a brand spanking new and upgraded headset plus all the Facebook cons that come with it.

      • yoyoyo bazinga

        you dont understand how cellphones work do you? they gather tons of more info about you then facebook could ever dream of but you still use it right?

  • notRobot2

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    • Ace of Spadеs

      How can i get some of that adren0Chr0me for my own use?

  • SKD007

    I ordered it and was suppose to get it by Oct 13th. But I canceled it after knowing that FB will be watching over my shoulder.. my privacy is more value than the price difference between oculus quest 2 and HP reverb G2

    • TechPassion

      When you add a proper head strap to Quest 2, with a proper audio solution (still worse than Index/G2), the price becomes the same.

  • Kryojenix

    Compulsory Facebook = Compulsory Boycott

    I’ll be fine, but I’m worried that they’re such a big player that they will capture the market and be impossible for devs to avoid.

  • Sion12

    How can this include CPU/RAM/Battery and high res screen be sold for $300 while other VR headset being so expensive?

    • Mradr

      They remove a lot of “extras” such as having dual screens – thus the limited IDP adjustment. They also remove a lot of prem feeling of the shell for a more basic plastic one. The screen used is a single fast switch LCD over an OLED. With removing the duel screen – they are missing out on some of the pixels as well – so not making use of the full screen. Same from a more rigid strap to a lower quality head band. They are hoping you buy the “extra” stuff instead for the “upgrade” feeling.