Beat Saber has officially reached 4 million units sold, Oculus today announced, along with 40 million songs of paid DLC, pushing the app’s estimated revenue to $180 million.

By now, Beat Saber can be considered nothing less than VR’s first killer app by scale. As far as we know, it’s the best selling VR game to date, now with 4 million units sold across all platforms (Quest, PC VR, and PSVR).

Oculus also confirmed the game has sold 40 million paid DLC songs, the equivalent of selling 40 platinum music albums on top of the game’s base music.

We estimate Beat Saber’s total revenue around $180 million, with the following assumptions:

  • 1 million copies sold at the early access price of $20
  • 3 million copies sold at the retail price of $30
  • 20 million songs bought individually at $2 each
  • 20 million songs bought bundled at $1.50 each

And the pace is only accelerating. Thanks to various sales milestones shared since the game’s release in May 2018, we can more clearly see the change in rate of sales over time by looking at the average number of units sold per day.

While VR developers with titles on Quest are seeing growing success, most are still far from Beat Saber’s scale. For perspective, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, which is considered a success, recently announced $29 million in revenue. That equates to around 725,000 units sold; granted, the game has only been available for around a year, and even less time on Quest. Oculus today also shared that only five titles other than Beat Saber have exceeded $10 million in revenue on Quest alone.

Facebook clearly identified the app’s potential, as it opted to acquire Beat Games, the studio behind the title, in late 2019. Since then, the studio has released additional music packs and a major update to the game which added multiplayer functionality.

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  • wowgivemeabreak

    The most overrated game in VR based on how popular it is. Sad it’s made this much money and also sad Beat Games is such a lousy developer. They said back in May 2019 that they were working on adding official custom song/map support to the Quest version like the PC version has and here we are almost 2 years later and they’re shown to be liars. Then you have the fact they have graphically downgraded the game and it looks pretty lousy now with minimal particle effects and debris.

    If I could go back to late June 2019 knowing what I know now, I’d make sure to not buy this game, even if I enjoyed it for dozens of hours. Glad I’ve moved on to the much better Synth Riders.

    • Jonathan Winters III

      Synth Riders is vastly superior IMHO, although both are great games.

    • Pistol Whip content is better, it have graphic on it, not just boxes in Beat Games. Pistol Whip also does not have dlc, it all free update. Game with DLC should be ban from buying in VR because the VR games is continue selling more to new more VR users coming every month, it is not same with PC which no new users.

  • Rogue Transfer

    *Facebook announced/confirmed – there is no ‘Oculus’ entity, it’s just a brand/platform name for the company Facebook Technologies. Mike Verdu(who wrote this blog entry) is head of AR/VR Content at Facebook, not the former company Oculus.

    It’s important for a media outlet to get company facts straight and who’s from where, when writing an article. It’s also defends you & RoadToVR against being considered misleading by anyone. Consider, if this had been about Sony announcing on their Playstation Blog, you wouldn’t have said: ‘Playstation have…’, you would (correctly) said: ‘Sony have…’. Sames holds true here, the source is the company: Facebook Technologies, not the long gone Oculus.

    • benz145

      I don’t understand why this is so important to you that you feel the need to constantly bring up this inane point.

      In both common conversation and written communication, people frequently speak about internal organizations rather than their parent company, depending upon the context. They do so because it offers additional clarity, not because they’re trying to mislead anyone.

      When people talk about cars, they often talk about ‘companies’ like Mercedes, Volvo, Jaguar, or Chevrolet. But all of these are actually brands under larger companies: Daimler, Geely, Tata, and GM, respectively. But GM operates 9 different vehicle brands, all which have their own strategies and target markets. Only discussing them by referring to their parent company would be needlessly broad and confusing.

      Using Facebook, Oculus, or even Facebook Reality Lab in different contexts is no different.

      Saying “What do you think Facebook will do next?” is not the same question as “What do you think Oculus will do next?”, nor “What do you think Facebook Reality Lab will do next?”

      Some of our articles use Facebook at a high level, some use Oculus, and some use Facebook Reality Lab to be more specific, depending upon the context.

  • That’s a lot of money.

    • Farnborough

      You could also say “It’s FB-Zuck”. There’s ALL about money. I moved to Synth Riders, though less songs. But “Algorithm” is ways better choreographed than anything I ever played on BS. BS’ potential seems to be used up, wheres SR is still coming strong!

  • TechPassion

    Greedy company and product for silly people. I played it for 5 minutes and it was more than enough. Super boring, repetetive experience. Good for people with IQ round 90.

  • Octo

    Yet it’s not cross buy…like they couldn’t afford to port it which takes what..a month if we’re exaggerating. Nope, paying customers shall buy it twice.

  • InsurgeVR

    Hopefully with that much money they can afford to release more than 6 songs every 4 months.

  • Victor Bond

    Beat Saber is great, and it justifies the sales it’s gotten.
    I knew them before they were famous and FB-owned, and they’re good folks, if a little overwhelmed.
    However, the sleeping tiger VR fitness title is Racket:Nx, by One Hamsa, in Tel Aviv.
    There are more racquet sports players [of all sorts] than there are soccer/world football players in the world.
    And Racket:Nx is THE superb VR racquet game.


    Don’t take my word for it… check it out.