The ‘Summer of Rift’ is coming to a close, with Oculus announcing today that September 4th is the last day to nab the $400 Summer Rift sale price. The cap off the eight week headset sale, Oculus is running an ‘End of Summer Weekend Sale’ featuring two bundle deals and 30 individual titles on sale.

The ‘Summer Hits Pack‘ bundle includes The Mage’s Tale (2017), Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (2017), Job Simulator (2016), and Arizona Sunshine (2016) for $90, a 36% discount compared to buying each game individually (totaling $140).

The ‘Essentials Pack‘ bundle includes The Climb (2016), Raw Data (2016), SUPERHOT VR (2016), and Apollo 11 VR (2016) for $60, a 52% discount compared to buying each game individually (totaling $125).

And then there’s a slew of individual games on sale. Here’s the breakdown:

Game Sale Price Discount
Carnival Games VR $5 75%
NBA 2K VR Experience $5 67%
Star Trek Bridge Crew $25 50%
DiRT Rally $30 50%
Thumper $10 50%
Fantastic Contraption $15 50%
Technolust $10 50%
Project Cars $25 50%
Elven Assassin $5 50%
Edge of Nowhere $20 50%
Nature Treks VR $5 50%
Landfall $10 50%
Pierhead Arcade $5 50%
Sports Bar VR $10 50%
Witchblood $4 50%
Chernobyl VR Project $5 50%
The Gallery: Call of the Starseed $10 50%
Giant Cop $13 48%
Guided Meditation VR $8 47%
Chronos $23 43%
Rockband VR $30 40%
I Expect You to Die $15 40%
Space Jones VR $10 38%
Virtual Desktop $9 36%
Elite Dangerous $40 33%
Floor Plan $4 33%
Chocolate $2 33%
Island 359 $15 25%
Affected The Manor $6 25%
Gravity Lab $15 25%
Blasters of the Universe $13 15%

Not counting the bundle games, four of the games on sale at part of our list of top Rift games, so there’s definitely some quality Rift games on sale here.

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  • Xron

    Not a bad sale…! and yet my rift is on a way to be replaced because of lense defect ~.~…