The team behind Osso VR, the VR surgical training platform, says that the software is now in use by more than 1,000 surgeons a month around the globe.

The platform, which was created to provide surgeons with an immersive, repeatable environment to safely practice their craft, is now used by more than 20 teaching hospitals and eight top medical device companies across 11 countries.

The company says that leading hospitals using the platform include Brown University, Vanderbilt University, Hospital for Special Surgery, Marshall University, Newcastle Simulation Centre, The University of Hawaii, UCLA, University of Washington, Wake Forest Baptiste Health, University of Kentucky, University of Utah, and New York University.

Besides offering risk-free practice sessions and performance analytics, the platform also helps bridge distances by letting surgeons train, and be instructed on how to use new equipment without having to physically travel to conferences or location-based training sessions. Moreover, it can be done in a virtual environment one-on-one or in a group setting.

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“This technology can drastically change the lives of our patients, and it is critical that we maximize access to the platform. Our continued expansion is a marker of the global nature of these training gaps and the scalability of Osso’s technology,” said Justin Barad, MD, CEO and co-founder of Osso VR. “Patients today want the most valuable treatment, which often involves new and innovative medical technologies. Surgeons badly want to deliver for their patient, but might lack the tools that allow them to utilize these novel techniques. Osso VR augments the surgical team, giving them the proficiency and objective confidence that they can bring significant value to their patients using the highest value devices.“

The company says its main focus is to increase access to hands-on training that improves patient outcomes and “increases the adoption of higher value medical technology.”

Osso VR is available for demo by appointment via the company’s website.

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