This weekend’s PAX Prime convention in Seattle was home to a number of exciting new experiences for the HTC Vive. This audio report from Voices of VR host Kent Bye gives us his impressions with the latest room-scale experiences.

kentbye-avatar-300-150x150Kent Bye is the host of the Voices of VR podcast. He has a background in video production, and is interested in immersive educational experiences, mindfulness-based applications, and has begun a deep exploration into virtual reality through his podcast which has now published more than 200 episodes.

Listen to the Report:

Final Approach [0:00 – 3:00]

Final Approach was revealed last week by Phaser Lock Interactive. The Vive game tasks players to function as a parody of air traffic controllers. On the ground below you is a cartoon airport on a small island. The player towers over the island like a giant. As planes and helicopters approach, players must trace their routes through the air to guide them in for a safe landing. But collisions with other planes, storms, and even engine fires complicate things. Players can shrink quickly down to specific points on the map to juggle more terrestrial challenges.

Fantastic Contraption [3:01 – 5:37]

Fantastic Contraption was also recently revealed for the HTC Vive. This VR puzzle game has a simple objective: take the Orb to the goal. But getting it there will require players to build increasingly complex machinery out of simple components.

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Blink (from The Gallery: Call of the Starseed) [5:38 – 10:00]

‘Blink’ is what Cloudhead Games is calling their locomotion system that’s been specifically designed for the Vive. While room-scale experiences make for great locomotion with players able to simply stroll around a play area, it’s still challenging to comfortably move players around large virtual spaces. Blink is Cloudhead’s answer to that challenge; the system will launch as part of Call of the Starseed, the first episodic release of The Gallery.

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