Uber Entertainment, the studio behind Planetary Annihilation and the VR title Wayward Sky, have announced their next virtual reality game, Dino Frontier, for PlayStation VR.

As the name would imply, Dino Frontier is a mashup of classic Western elements and dinosaurs. The game is played as a giant overseer (the “Big Mayor”) of tiny, semi-autonomous denizens who will need your direction to not only excel, but also to not get eaten by wandering raptors. Uber Entertainment calls Dino Frontier a “light simulation”, rather than a full blown RTS.

Dino Frontier lets you build and manage a frontier settlement in a world where the Wild West and Jurassic eras collide. You assume the role of Big Mayor overlooking your settlement in tabletop-scale VR. You must carefully balance resources while growing your town. All the while, wild dinosaurs roam the land acting as both dangerous foe and tantalizing asset.

It’ll be your job as Big Mayor to make sure settlers are assigned to the right places to gather resources most effectively and ensure everyone stays alive. While the game’s dinosaurs will at first be a dangerous threat, with the proper amount of development you’ll be able to tame them and use their skills to further prosper.

Following Uber Entertainment’s first VR game, Wayward Sky, the developers say that “Dino Frontier offers core gameplay to satisfy players eager for deeper VR gameplay.”

Dino Frontier is set to launch in 2017; currently it isn’t clear if it will come to other platforms, and there’s no word on whether or not the game will support any form of multiplayer.

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  • iUserProfile

    When I think of games, dinosaurs and vr I rather think about survival horror. Here are my fingers crossed as dinosaurs seem to get more popular again.

  • Wolfkolf

    Hmm.. Looks cool if they will only put it on the Vive.

  • Skipping this one… it just doesn’t appeal to me.