If you’ve had any interested in buying PlayStation VR in the last several months, you’ve almost certainly found that actually finding the headset in stock can be quite the challenge. After what seemed to be significant shortages following the holiday season, the company is announcing that more stock and a new bundle is on the way this month.

Since the holidays, many major electronics retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Best Buy have been spotted frequently hoisting the ‘Out of Stock’ sign for those looking to buy a new PSVR headset or launch bundle.

Sony-playstation-vr-launch-bundleAnnounced today via the official Playstation Blog, Sony says that “the PSVR bundle is making a return.” This appears to be the same as the launch bundle; still priced at $500, it includes the PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, two Move controllers, the PSVR demo disc, and PlayStation VR Worlds game.

A new bundle is on the way too, which is otherwise the same except to swap out the PlayStation VR Worlds (2016) game for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (2016). This bundle will be exclusively available at games retailers GameStop and EB Games later this month.

And although VR Worlds is priced at $40 on the PlayStation Store with Until Dawn at $20, the price of the bundle is still $500 across the board. Which means if players plan to buy VR Worlds anyway (which they should, because it’s one of the best collections of content available on PSVR presently), they will save money by buying the original bundle and then Until Dawn separately.

'Until Dawn: Rush of Blood' Review

Scarcity of the headset has led to some third-party sellers on Amazon asking for $930 or more for a similar bundle, and around $530 for the headset alone (normally priced at $400). The appearance of such high prices could hurt consumer’s perspective of the cost of the headset, but hopefully the new stock on the way will get prices back to the proper MSRP stat.

We’ve reached out to Sony about the apparent shortage of stock, but the company declined to offer details on the matter.

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  • Get Schwifty!

    Definitely would like to give this a shot…. hopefully this will free up a lot of the stock sitting there unused at very high prices…. I recall seeing several bundles being resold for over 1K at Xmas…

    • NooYawker

      I was thinking the same thing but can’t justify it because I just dropped a bundle on a new computer to run my VR gear. But I’ll probably do it anyway, psvr has some pretty cool exclusives.

  • xebat

    Very good news for the VR market and community as a whole. This will “red-pill” people and make them realize, that VR is here to stay and will be an exciting and superior media and video game platform for the future !

  • Master E

    PSVR is amazing, but severely lacking in good content still. There are several items I would’ve expected they had ready by now. Especially since so many developers were on board.

    1) some decent art program with the move controllers
    2) an actual full fledged RPG with the move controllers sword and shield style
    3) a program allowing good 360 video and or photo viewing
    4) VR web browsing (Comon Sony you are dropping the ball keeping the masses from so much content already out there)
    5) Some type of program like Oculus has VorpX that coverts already existing games into at least 360 degree pseudo VR (People would absolutely eat this up whether it was good for all games or not)

    When developers actually put time and energy into the program there have been some amazing experiences and potential from what VR is supposed to be capable of.

    I recommend, Batman, Resident Evil (Amazing), Eve Valkyrie, among a few others.

    Lastly, there needs to be better education on motion sickness. Fast games generally do not work well for people sensitive to it. Also there should be optional movement controls. RE7, for instance has both smooth motion with the head set tracking and analog along with snap motion of 30, 45, or 90 degrees. For some of us who don’t get sick the smooth motion with the Analog is great!

    For some games its a matter of simply acclimating your nervous system to not think your body is poisoned when there is a mere framerate glitch or graphics disparity. Once your mind and body know what to perceive and how to react it makes things a lot easier. It is essential however to have a well developed program to limit these bumps. Hell, even Doom and simple flight simulators made people sick back in the day… how soon we forget.

    • Iown You

      I agree on a lot of points, and let me add:

      6) Ability to swap out lenses.

      PSVR is a great headset, but Sony has made some very dumb decisions with it, 6 being the worst by far. The microfiber cloth itself causes scratches and I know because it’s literally the only thing that’s ever touched my lenses and they are all scratched up.

      No app to make 360 photos or videos of your games is really puzzling for a, ya know, GAMING DEVICE WITH SHARE FUNCTIONS. Lack of SBS ability is also maddening, and not being able to set streaming resolutions in the YouTube app is just brutal.

  • James Friedman

    I still have not played a game like Until Dawn on the Rift/Vive. The graphics are great for PS4, the 3D audio is amazing, and the mechanics are good (not great, could be better with Rift/Vive). I thought Ghost town Mine Ride on Steam was going to be that game but it’s okay. I know some people don’t like the on rails shooters but this game was like a rollercoaster and on-rails shooter which I loved. Anyone got any other recommendations for a game similar to Until Dawn. I sold my PSVR.

  • max maxi

    VR is the future, and Sony Playstation VR is great for the market.
    The first AAA games come from 2017, I am particularly on Fallout 4 VR.
    At the moment is probably the best Playstation VR game is Resident Evil, you are only afraid I do not even open doors.
    The immersion and the feeling in this horror house is indescribable, people plays the game necessarily in VR.
    It is so far the best PS VR experience that I have made, here I have a cool side to the VR is found in German.

  • Steve Baisden

    I got the headset last week from Best Buy. I also got all of the items in the bundle because sales people at Best Buy and Gamestop assured me Sony would not make another bundle available. So I got burned for about $50 bucks more or less. Oh well, it’s only money! Live and learn!

  • flamaest

    Wish I could get the PSVR + PS4pro for a $699 bundle price. Com’on Sony, do this and this will tear me away from my XBOX ecosystem.