PlayStation VR arrives on October 13th, and with the promise of over 50 titles arriving by the end of year, Sony is sensibly providing demos of some of the key titles as a launch showcase.

Sony has announced that each PSVR headset will come packaged with a demo disc, containing eight games to sample. A demo disc in 2016? Perhaps a final nod to the past before console gamers disappear into the VR future, or simply another way of ensuring PSVR will be the fastest, most painless VR hardware to set up so far.

By removing the wait to download your first VR experiences, you’ll be immersed in the PlayStation VR experience in no time, and Sony have picked some great demos to achieve that initial wow-factor:

Driveclub VR – the graphical showcase racing title, seating the player in a realistic car interior

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PlayStation VR Worlds – play one of the five experiences from the full game (a polished version of an early demo created for Project Morpheus, previously known as The Deep)

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RIGS Mechanized Combat League – a fast-paced e-sport that combines shooter and traditional sports elements

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rigs mcl sony morpheus ps4 e3 2015 (1)

Tumble VR – an evolution of the PS3’s Tumble, a futuristic block-stacking puzzler and one of the best games for the PlayStation Move controller


Battlezone – first-person tank combat, bringing a classic series into a cutting-edge VR format

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battlezone-1 (3)

EVE: Valkyrie – spectacular space dogfighting and already a huge hit on the Rift and Vive headsets

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Wayward Sky – a novel ‘look and click’ adventure taking place from both third and first-person perspectives

wayward sky

Headmaster – a surprisingly satisfying game about heading a football that simply wouldn’t make sense in any other medium.

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PlayStation VR opened for pre-order earlier this year starting at $399 for the standalone headset and $499 for the launch bundle; all pre-orders appear to be sold out at this time. The headset launches on October 13th.

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  • ummm…

    what did they used to call the demo discs that came with that magazine or with the playstation?

  • DiGiCT Ltd

    Nice they do that, saves downlaod times as people can start using VR very fast after buying it.
    Cant wait to see a PSVR, as i had not the opportunity yet to try one myself.
    Hopefully i can soon find a spot to try it, think they do great.


    I have an HTC Vive and im looking forward to PsVr to come out just so maybe there will be better games for Vive also.

  • me

    As an original Rift backer, it has been a great ride watching the VR world develop so quickly. I am sad to say that I recently sold off my Kickstarter CV1 in proud anticipation of the PSVR release. In the 3 short experiences that I have had with PSVR, I have experienced so much more that anything that I have tried on Rift. Batman VR was a breathtaking demo, while playing Rigs I finally forgot about my surroundings and was so immersed in the game play, and the PS Worlds demo’s were simply top notch. I am so excited to see the content that Sony is bringing to the table – Oct 13th cant come quick enough lol and this demo disc just tops the cake!