At a special press event held at GDC in San Francisco today, Sony have announced that the PlayStation VR will have 50 titles by the end of the year..

Update (3/15): The figure is actually 50 titles available for PSVR by the end of 2016 or “launch window”, not “at launch” as previously reported

Sony have worked hard since we first set eyes on Project Morpheus, the codename for the PlayStation 4 powered VR headset now known as PlayStation VR, will have good body of supporting software for the platform. Seems they’ve achieved that.

Sony has announced that its forthcoming PlayStation VR headset will be accompanied by no less than 50 titles available by the close of 2016.

Andrew House, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said that “For PSVR games specifically, the dev community has benefited by getting feedback directly from gamers. Today we have more than 230 developers building content for PSVR.”

This story is breaking – well update it as new information arises.

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  • JoeD

    If they’re thinking of charging the usual $60 for these games, the PSVR is quickly going to be the MOST expensive option to get into VR.

    • That’s a huge assumption. The PS4 caters for all sorts of game pricing, can’t see why VR would demand an automatic $60 on every tile. They’re not stupid, but someone is.

    • care package

      You bring up something that is definitely worth considering. If console VR is priced in the same way regular console games are, than it’s easy to assume we’ll be spending more on the games. For some games it might be worth it. I have a feeling PSVR will end up with the best games.

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    50 3-5 min experiences or 50 GAMES???

    • PSVR has as many fully fledged games as PCVR, since the implication here is somehow that PS4 VR will somehow be nothing but demos. Erm, Rigs, Eve Valkyrie, Golem, GT Sport, Battlezone… Could go on.

  • Kenny Thompson

    Launch window = first year. Guessing lots of experiences. A few games that are not No Man’s Sky.