On the lead up to PlayStation VR’s October 13th launch, the first wave of PSVR games have been listed in the PlayStation Store.

Eager soon-to-be-owners of PSVR can now get an eye on the first set of games they’ll be able to purchase when headsets begin arriving on October 13th. PSVR exclusive titles can’t be purchased yet (though they can be added to the wish list), but full game titles with PSVR experience attached (like Rise of the Tomb Raider) can be pre-ordered and pre-loaded onto the PS4.

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Here’s the PlayStation VR games we’re seeing in the EN-US PlayStation store so far:

Back in July, Amazon gave us a glimpse of the pricing for several PlayStation VR games. We expect to see more launch titles hit the store in the coming days leading up to the headset’s October 13th launch. Better start loading up that wishlist!

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  • torreth

    Its pretty strange when you have only 2 weeks to go, and they havent confirmed the entire list of games by now. My set will be Eve, Here they lie (which has been confirmed), and battlezone.

    • Ben

      I agree with you. PSVR is THE VR experience everyone has been waiting for, and after hearing about a huge amount of games that are going to be exclusive VR titles, I haven’t seen much lately aside from the hyped dozen or so, and there’s only 11 days left til the PSVR debuts.

      • VRgameDevGirl

        I was pretty disappointed when i tried it. Rift and vive blow it away. Even gear vr looked better when it comes to display. Comfort was the only thing that was better.

        • Get Schwifty!

          That’s interesting, virtually every “reviewer” keeps praising it’s display and making it sound like the PSVR HMD is only a “little less” than the Rift/Vive. I’ve long believed despite the commentary’s that there is just no way the HMD is going to directly compete with the Rift/Vive. It probably will be “good enough” for the general market, particularly since the bar is low to begin with for console gamers who have never tried Rift/Vive HMD. Be very interesting if Xbox Scorpio does indeed go Rift, it might make the console market a very interesting dynamic.

  • Omikron81

    To bad europe seems not to be an interesting market for sony. Until now we can only see the following games in the store.
    – Bound
    – Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X
    – Batman VR
    – Battlezone
    – Driveclub VR
    – Hustel Kings VR
    – Playstation VR Worlds
    – Rigs
    – tumble VR
    – Until Dawn VR
    – Eagle Flight (early november)
    – Star Trek: Bridge Crew (late november)

    Thats only 10 games, with the nice stuff like Eve still missing.