Geoff-SkowGeoff Skow is a co-founder of Fish Bowl VR, which has over 200 early adopter, VR enthusiasts available to do user testing for VR experiences. VR developers can get a monthly subscription to get on-demand, user testing with let’s play videos as well as quantative and qualitative feedback on their experience. Fish Bowl VR provides feedback ranging from the framerate and performance across a spectrum of different hardware, ratings on the GUI and game play, as well as open-ended survey questions talking about what types of things could be improved or added to the experience. Some of the biggest open problems that Geoff sees VR developers face is how to train users how to play their game, and he talks about some different tutorial approaches that are embedded within the VR environment. Fish Bowl VR has over 250 VR enthusiasts on-hand who are paid to play and record their playtest sessions, and are always looking for more users to get paid to play VR experiences and offer their feedback. Getting objectively detailed feedback from people experienced and familiar with VR is certainly filling a market need, and Geoff says that VR developers can use their service in order to track their development progress over time.


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