VR’s Most Popular Battle Royale Just Got Its Biggest Map Ever


POPULATION: ONE (2020), VR’s most popular battle royale, just got an update across all supported platforms that includes the game’s largest map to date, which comes along with a few other cyberpunk goodies.

Called ‘Metropolis’, the new map promises to let you fight across a neon megacity, replete with a nightclub, fortress, gun store, and apartments. To play the new map on SteamVR and Quest 2, simply select ‘Metropolis Royale’ as the game mode to play.

Developers BigBox VR says Metropolis has “more total square footage than the rest of the entire map combined.”

The new map also comes with a ‘Neon Night Mode’ which renders the map darker to make the neon pop, making for a pretty cool cyberpunk aesthetic.

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The Metropolis Royale game mode not only lets you and your team battle in the 18-player shootout, but it is also introducing jump pads to the game, which let you quickly ascend skyscrapers for some new verticals.

There’s a few other features in the game’s Metropolis update, however the most interesting is undoubtedly a new speed-increasing sword, called Cyberblade. Cyberblade is a neon-cast sword that deals up to 75 damage directly to health and increases speed by 25 percent. You’ll light up the night, but you’ll be fast and deadly.

Check out the full change log here for a list of all of the new features and bug fixes in Metropolis.

Population: One is available on Steam and the Meta platform for Rift, Quest and Quest 2, priced at $30.

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  • Arturs Gerskovics

    This was well needed add on and I have to admit it is pretty good. Right now, my fave shooter in VR.

  • Would be cool if meta fixed my account so I can actually access my library again, I’d love to try this.

    • Fixx

      Unlink and relink you quest in the mobile app, that was an instant fix for me.

  • sfmike

    It’s way more massive than I imagined and a lot of fun! Good job Big Box!