PSVR Horror Shooter ‘Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher’ Gets March Launch Date, Trailer Here


China-based Viva Games today announced that their upcoming action-adventure horror title Kill X has now been renamed Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher. The shooter, which is exclusive to the PSVR platform, is slated to arrive March 20th.

Immortal Legacy was one of the four titles highlighted by Sony at the 2017 ChinaJoy Expo, all of which would eventually make their way to Western audiences under the publishing auspices of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

Image courtesy Viva Games

Now nearly two years later, Viva Games is nearly ready to release the single-player mutant shooter, and has expanded a bit more on what to expect from the newly christened Immortal Legacy.

“At its core, Immortal Legacy is an action-adventure/horror game that fuses old-school single-player storytelling with cutting-edge VR gameplay,” Viva Games CEO Shun writes in a PlayStation blog post. “It’s a potent mix of combat, problem solving and exploration, designed to keep players in suspense and thoroughly immersed throughout.”


The story is one which takes an ancient Chinese legend and pulls it into the modern day, beginning with that oldest of motives: revenge.

You play as Tyre, an ex-special forces soldier travelling to the isle of Yingzhou after the mysterious death of his mother. Together with Ksana (an estranged friend of his mother’s), Tyre seeks to uncover the truth behind her death and her even more enigmatic past.

The studio says the game will feature 15 guns using dual PlayStation Move controllers, including melee, ranged and explosives. There’s no word on what locomotion scheme(s) the game will allow, although Viva Games claims “you’re able to move freely through the environment, so you can choose the most advantageous positions in firefights, and fully explore the isle of Yingzhou.”

CEO Shun says the name change was done to better reflect story’s themes and also “set up the first of what we plan to be a thrilling multi-game saga.”

According to the blog post, pre-orders should already be available starting today, although it appears the preceding link isn’t active yet.

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