Starcaller is an upcoming puzzle game for SteamVR headsets from indie team Monarch Studio. The studio announced it’s coming to PC VR on April 2nd, and will arrive on Quest “soon after.”

Described as a “fast-paced puzzle solving virtual reality game,” Starcaller tasks you with solving puzzles as fast as you can. The game is said to come with 30 puzzles which are randomized to make things different every time you play.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

If you’re wondering why you’d be stuck in a hole deciphering runes and messing with a trippy, glowing matching puzzle, here’s how Monarch Studio describes it:

The temple that was once pristine has become overgrown and disordered, you return to wade through the newly formed life and complete your life’s work; the ritual to the stars.

As the Starcaller you must race against the clock to restore as many temple walls as possible to their former glory. When night finally creeps in, you must complete the final ritual; send as many falling star fragments as possible back to the night sky.

Monarch is a new studio formed after its founders were laid off from their day jobs at an unnamed B2B studio working on VR apps.

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“We decided to take the risk and work unpaid to create a game together in hopes of kickstarting our company,” Monarch says. “Here we are, soon to release and excited to share this with everyone!”

Starcaller will be available on Steam for “around £15” (~$20) the studio says. Soon afterwards the game is expected to launch on Quest via App Lab, the platform’s unmoderated outlet for games outside of the official Oculus Store.

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