New Quest 2 Bundle to Include ‘GOLF+’ & ‘Space Pirate Trainer’, Replacing ‘Beat Saber’ & ‘Resident Evil 4’


Didn’t get a Quest 2 this holiday season, which includes a free copy of Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4? Although the beat-slashing rhythm game and zombie-slaying classic aren’t part of the deal anymore, for a limited time new Quest 2 owners can nab both GOLF+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX.

Meta is including the two games as a bonus when you buy a new Meta Quest 2 between February 5th and June 3rd, 2023. New Quest 2 owners must activate their headsets by June 17th, 2023 and the offer must be redeemed within 14 days of device activation.

The deal represents $50 in content, which you can get either by buying a 156 or 256 version of Quest 2, priced at $400 and $500 direct from Meta.

GOLF+ ($30 value)

Rated by users as the most popular paid Quest 2 game in January by review count, GOLF+ offers up some serious driving and putting, letting you join friends for a round at both free courses and paid DLC premium courses, including Pebble Beach, Pinehurst No. 2, The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, and more.

Realism is the main focus: you can customize the contents of your golf bag with a ton of different irons as you take on the game’s many courses, either solo in online multiplayer. As the PGA Tour’s official VR golf game, more courses are also coming down the pipeline in February, including THE PLAYERS Championship and the WM Phoenix Open.

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Space Pirate Trainer DX ($20 value)

Space Pirate Trainer DX has been the go-to wave shooter since the early days of VR, but don’t let its age fool you: it’s still one of the slickest sci-fi shooting games around, feeling like a mix of Space Invaders and some sort of Mandalorian combat simulator from a galaxy far far away.

While primarily a single-player game, if you have the physical space and a Quest 2-owning friend, you can also play Space Pirate Arena, which basically gives you a 1v1 all-out battle similar to how you might play paintball or airsoft, but in VR.

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There’s a ton of free stuff out there on the Quest Store, which we rounded up in our top 25 free games and experiences to download first. You’re sure to spend tens of hours swimming through all of the free stuff on the Store, although once you’re ready for some paid games, make sure to check out how to spend your first $100 on Quest content to keep the ball rolling.

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  • This is a worse choice of titles imo.

  • Paul Bellino

    Thats a very stupid mistake. Who thought to do this?? They should be fired. You went from some of the best games to the bottom. Who plays Golf? No one I know of. Then you put in what is basically a wave shooter. Give me a break. This is all kinds of wrong.

    • philingreat

      Well, Golf+ is in top selling and most popular. And I see why they replaced Resident Evil, because a horror game is not for everyone. Space Pirate Trainer makes a lot of sense since it’s an arcade wave shooter.

      • Paul Bellino

        I just tried it. You are right. I will eat Hay if I have too. The game is brilliant chill and one of the best games this year.

    • Christian Schildwaechter

      You would be surprised how popular Golf is on the Quest. Golf+ has amassed 13,236 ratings at an average 4.8 compared to 10,683 at 4.7 for Resident Evil. The use case is different, a lot of people use the various Golf apps largely as social VR spaces to hang out with friends and family with a relaxed activity in a pleasant environment.

      Walkabout Mini Golf with 9,836 ratings at 4.9 is similarly a fun activity without any pressure that you can participate in while chatting with others, you don’t even have to actively play the game. So Golf apps are sort of a social success story that Horizon Worlds isn’t, and I am pretty sure the retention rate among Quest Golf players is way above average.

      • Paul Bellino

        I will give you that. You make sense and are not some punk kid. Will give you respect for your insight but they should put beat saber back it’s the perfect intro to VR

  • Octogod


    Sounds like the Nintendo method. Fun, quality, general pack-ins, with system sellers being purchased after.

  • Michael Jones

    That feels like a major downgrade.

  • knuckles625

    Will be happy to see more people using Space Pirate Trainer DX. Maybe the arena scale games will even catch on a bit. Kudos to them for pushing the envelope at least

  • david vincent

    Wow, bad move from Meta.
    Walkabout Mini Golf VR would have been a better choice (less niche) than Golf+
    As for Space Pirate Trainer, well, wave shooters were OK in 2017 but nowadays…

  • Well, I don’t want to say it is a downgrade… but it is a downgrade