Now that August is here, Meta has made good on its promise to raise the price of Quest 2 and its accessories. Here’s a quick look at how the company has increased prices for its most popular VR headset yet.

If you’ve been following along you’ll recall that Meta announced just last week that it would raise the price of Quest 2, making the industry’s most affordable VR headset a bit less of a steal. It’s not just the headset though; most of the official accessories have increased in price too. Here’s a breakdown of the price changes for Quest 2 and both first and third-party accessories that Meta sells directly from its website:

Item New Price Original Price Price Increase
Quest 2 (128GB) $400 $300 +33%
Quest 2 (256GB) $500 $400 +25%
Fit Pack $50 $40 +25%
Standard Facepad $25 $20 +25%
Quest 2 Headset Cable $25 $20 +25%
Carrying Case $60 $50 +20%
Elite Strap $60 $50 +20%
Replacement Headstrap $30 $25 +20%
10W USB-C Power Adapter $35 $30 +17%
Elite Strap with Battery $120 $110 +9%
Replacement Controller $75 $70 +7%
Link Cable $80 $80 0%
Logitech G Pro Headphones for Quest 2 (third-party) $100 $100 0%
Logitech G333 VR Earbuds for Quest 2 (third-party) $50 $50 0%
Replacement Kit $20 $20 0%
Anker Charging Dock (third-party) $100 $100 0%
VR Cover Facepad (third-party) $30 $30 0%
VirtuClear Prescription Lens (third-party) $80 $80 0%

So there we have it: almost all of Meta’s first-party accessories increased in price by 7–25% alongside the price increase of Quest 2 by 25% for the 256GB model and 33% for the 128GB model.

The only first-party accessories that have seemingly avoided the price increase is the Link Cable (thank goodness… it was already staggeringly expensive) and Replacement Kit. Meanwhile, no third-party accessories that Meta sells directly have seen a price increase.

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When Meta announced the price hike last week it said the move was an effort to “continue to grow our investment in groundbreaking research and new product development that pushes the VR industry to new heights,” though it’s widely understood that the company made the move as a cost-cutting measure to combat losses being incurred from the heavy subsidization of the headset which have been amplified due to inflation—and as part of a more broad an effort to show shareholders that the company at large is keeping its aggressive spending under control.

To soften the blow a bit, for the first time ever Meta is now bundling the headset with its most popular game, Beat Saber, for new Quest 2 purchases through the end of 2022. If you were planning to buy Beat Saber anyway (as most people do), that effectively reduces the headset’s newly increased price by $30

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  • I lol’d at the comment on the Link Cable :D

  • XRC

    That $10 billion of lost ad revenue post iOS security change is as painful for meta, as are the new hardware prices for their customers.

  • Even Glemmestad

    So now we know they know themselves that the Link cable was HEAVILY overpriced. They were like “come on.. we can’t increase this one any further.”

    • Even Glemmestad

      Or said another way; if you look at the percentage increases you inversely look at their margins. The 128GB headset had the slimmest margin, so hardest % increase.

    • ViRGiN

      now, link me alternatives of same quality/lenght 2 years after LINK cable released. none? why would that be?

      • Even Glemmestad

        Why so sensitive? Numbers don’t lie. Why wouldn’t they increase the price of the Link cable as well if their margins on that was slim?

        • ViRGiN

          the same reason valve index did not drop down in price after 3 years huh?
          why so butthurt?
          link me all those cheaper, equal or better quality alternatives.
          quest 2 headsets are manufactured to this day. maybe they have old stock of link cables?

          • Even Glemmestad

            Sure, Jan. Don’t argue with people on the internet, they said. It won’t lead to any good, they said. Guess they were right.

          • ViRGiN

            so, the meta link cable is so overpriced, that no company on the planet seemed to be interested in competing and delivering a better, and cheaper product. got it.

            you’re surprised that link cable did no go up in price. maybe tell us all your behind the scenes knowledge why no valve hardware ever went down in price huh?

          • Christian Schildwaechter

            Most people here are rather nice, you just got unlucky running into ViRGiN who is highly allergic to anything PCVR related and any type of Meta criticism. Unfortunately the condition seems to be incurable.

          • Even Glemmestad


          • Christian Schildwaechter

            It’s actually rather tragic.

          • Even Glemmestad

            It helps clear things up, though, seeing as we’re literally talking about the link cable between the PCVR setup and the Meta headset :)

  • Tonanamous

    I guess they considered all options and this was the one that was the best decision. I expected it to go down in selling price, not up tbh.