Rave in VR at Tonight’s Free HEAVYGRINDER Show in ‘TheWaveVR’

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TheWaveVR, a social music platform for VR performances, debuts its third major show, this time bringing EDM duo HEAVYGRINDER into VR for a live and interactive virtual reality concert. You can join the fun for free tonight, July 26th, at 7PM PT (find your timezone here).

Heavygrinder’s performance in TheWaveVR will see the artists and spectators partying on the rooftops of NeoTokyo, a brand new venue inside the virtual concert platform. Inside, the artists will DJ their beats in real time while spectators can listen, dance, and have fun with the venue’s array of psychedelic virtual toys, including a new ‘Neon Swirls’ item which will let viewers mark the sky in color.

As with the platform’s other major shows, the venue & visuals are all new, created specifically for this performance. The artists too have their own unique virtual avatars, representing their animal-eared stage personas.

“We’re really excited about this show as we’re huge fans of Heavygrinder. We’re also excited to show off how powerful some of our internal tools are for customizing these shows to artist’s aesthetics,” said TheWaveVR CEO and Co-founder Adam Arrigo. “We’ve built some really cool ways to bring artists’ content into this crazy realm of VR. […] We want each show to feel like a portal into that artist’s world—to have unique visuals and interactions that couldn’t be possible outside VR.”

Want to get your virtual rave on? You can attend the Heavygrinder concert for free free tonight, July 26th, at 7PM PT (find your timezone here); TheWaveVR on SteamVR supports both the Vive and Rift.

Update (7/26/17): TheWaveVR tells us that the app is region-locked to the US while it’s in beta, so unfortunately those outside the US won’t be able to join the show.

TheWaveVR’s second major performance dubbed N-FOLD, headed by audio visual artist Strangeloop, is also showing repeat performances all day today, offering a completely unique visual experience.

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