Rec Room, a social VR game which also supports non-VR devices like PC, console, and mobile phones, has reached an impressive 3 million monthly active VR users, which the company says is just a fraction of its total monthly active usership.

Rec Room has continued its impressive growth, having tripled its monthly active VR user count in the last year.

Key Data Points:
  • Rec Room has peaked at 3 million monthly active VR users, up from 1 million monthly active VR users about a year ago
  • A “majority” of active VR users are using Quest 2
  • Active VR players represent a “pretty low percentage” of overall active players, which access the game through platforms like iOS, Android, PlayStation, and Xbox

The company’s Head of Influencers & Partners, Shawn Whiting, confirmed to Road to VR that the app peaked at 3 million monthly active VR users “shortly after the holidays.” Though the holiday season surely provided a boost which has likely settled down since, the figure is three times the 1 million monthly active VR users the company saw around the holidays last year.

That’s great growth for the game’s VR segment, but impressively, Whiting says it’s just a fraction of the game’s overall monthly active usership.

“We’re very happy with the VR growth but at this point VR is a pretty low percentage of our monthly players. Rec Room is seeing much more growth on iOS, Android, PlayStation, and Xbox due to there being billions of those devices out there collectively.”

Image courtesy Against Gravity

Rec Room launched way back in 2016 as a PC VR-only title. Since then the company has massively expanded the platforms the game can be played on, both in the VR space and outside of it, being available on every major headset and non-VR gaming platform (except for Nintendo Switch). That’s made it a great place for VR and non-VR players alike to come together on the shared social platform which is built upon user generated content that’s incentivized by an in-game economy which allows creators to cash-out for real money.

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Among VR users on Rec Room, a “majority” are using Quest 2, says Whiting.

And that’s likely what has driven most of the growth in VR usership on Rec Room, considering that holiday 2021 was a huge moment for the headset.

The timing of the company’s announcement seems unlikely to be coincidental with Meta just this week announcing it’s testing selling tools inside Horizon Worlds, a competitor to Rec Room.

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  • Tom_Craver

    “the company” is Rec Room, Inc…

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  • wheeler

    What is the definition of an “active user” here? Obviously you got a spike (in everything) from the quest 2 holiday sales, but if this just happened “shortly after” that holiday boom I don’t really know how significant this is. Because, as usual, in everything else the engagement has dropped of dramatically since then. For comparison, SteamVR counts an active VR user as one that uses the headset at least once a month

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    • benz145

      Yeah it was definitely them choosing a peak which is probably leveled off somewhat by now, but the peak is higher than their prior holiday peak by 3x, which is a pretty good sign. Usually after big peaks some number of people stick around and some number leave, but the average number after the peak is often permanently higher.