Oculus Quest 2 is coming tomorrow, October 13th, and the team over at Rec Room is pushing out some content to Quest 2 that was previously exclusive to PC and PS4.

The Quest 2 version of Rec Room, the free social VR game, is slated to include another of its previous released co-op ‘Quests’ for owners of the new standalone headset. Released on PC and PSVR in early 2018, the ‘Isle of Lost Skulls’ will be available on Quest 2 at launch, letting up to three players join forces to battle through levels filled with enemies, breakable loot containers, and a final boss.

The studio has confirmed that ‘Isle of Lost Skulls’ won’t be coming to the original 2019 Quest headset however.

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The studio also stated that ‘Rec Royale‘, the platform’s battle royale shooter, will make its way to Quest 2 at some point in the future. A port of ‘Rec Royale’ for the original Quest isn’t currently planned however.

You can check out the announce video below. Rec Room says footage was captured using the Oculus native video capture and with no link cable. Of course, with Link and a VR-ready computer, you can play all of the PC game’s content, which includes co-op Quests, mini-games, and more.

Rec Room has expanded a great deal since it was first launched in Early Access on PC VR headsets back in 2016, adding a slew of mini-games, co-op Quests, and even user-generated content too. To boot, Rec Room has exceeded three million user-created levels, something the studio aims to monetize so creators can one day be able to make real cash from their creations.

Rec Room is available for free on PC, PS4, SteamVR headsets, PSVR, Quest, and iOS (an Android version is on the table). A non-VR version for Xbox is also planned for future release.

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  • Jim P

    Surprised Mark hasn’t tried to buy them and delete them.

  • JT

    Rec Royale is very fun, hurry up and get that done!

  • In the end, many games will offer more for Quest 2… and eventually Quest 1 compatibility may even be dropped in the long term

  • Is Isle of the lost Skulls more graphic than Crimson Cauldron, Jumbotron etc.?

    With Population One, the competition manages to present such a game on the quest, if Rec Room were from Facebook, one could believe that Rec Royale is not intended to be involved in the quest to promote Quest 2.

    So it seems more like “laziness”. They just have “better” things to do, or don’t want to pay additional programmers for it.

    Is there a chance that it will come later?

    Is there a possibility that hackers will install / sideload it on Quest 1 to check whether it is really not running there?