Sony plans to release PSVR 2 sometime in early 2023, although exactly when is still a mystery. Now a Bloomberg report maintains the company is aiming to produce 2 million units by March 2023, which would signify a sizeable uptick in sales expectations over the original PSVR.

Citing people familiar with the matter, the report maintains the 2 million figure “could be adjusted depending on the device’s sales momentum.” The company allegedly hasn’t faced any supply chain issues after initially heading into mass production in September, however.

Released in October 2016, the original PSVR for PS4 reached that two-million-unit sales mark after about 14 months on store shelves. In late 2019, Sony announced the headset has sold over five million units. By the time PSVR reached that two-million-mark Sony had already sold 70.6 million PS4s however—a large potential install base that PS5 frankly just doesn’t have yet.

Photo by Road to VR

According to sales figures obtained by Android Authority, the company has only sold five million PS5 consoles as of August 2022. The Bloomberg report maintains though PSVR 2 sales will begin with “an expected relief of supply chain bottlenecks” that affected the rollout of PlayStation 5, so it’s possible the company is looking to significantly increase production on PS5 to further maximize PSVR 2 sales.

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On the standalone side of things: it’s uncertain how many Meta Quest 2 headsets have sold to date, however data obtained from independent analyst IDC maintains it reached around three million in sales in the first quarter since launch in 2020.

IDC further claims Quest 2 has already reached 14.8 million units sold as of June 2022. Standalone headsets present the best-case scenario for headset sales right now since they include onboard processing, giving you everything you need in one box.

Want to learn more about PSVR 2? Check out our detailed hands-on with the headset, and some of the top titles coming to the headset including Resident Evil Village and Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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  • Tommy

    I call dibs on one of them!

  • Bumpy

    Sure hope that’s enough to hold off the scalpers.

  • ApocalypseShadow

    Sony is going to sell all of those 2 million launch headsets. This isn’t a thrown together experiment like PSVR taking decade old tech and lights to do VR married with a breakout box full of wires to do 3D sound and second screen. Even if Sony sold PSVR at profit day one and over 2 billion in revenue with a high game attachment rate. Money on top of money.

    Nope. PS VR 2 has the power behind it with PS5, has an SSD built in for faster load times and better potential game development, has dedicated 3D sound with Tempest Audio, has inside out tracking, analog sticks, next gen controllers with Haptics and triggers, has eye tracking and foveated rendering with Haptics in the headset.

    Yeah. Great potential to sell. Those that skipped PSVR but wanted a better console VR will get it. Those that played PSVR and want the next level will get it. Those that have Quest 2 that are tired of limited mobile VR developed games where even Skyrim, that worked on PS4 and PSVR 6 years ago, is not possible. Those that are disappointed at Microsoft about VR, one of the richest companies in the world, that lied about high fidelity VR for One X, will want one. There are those on PC that want it because they hope it gets supported by Sony or hacked because it has features PC manufacturers don’t seem interested in making built in. There are those that know Sony is the best chance of big 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games because above all else, Sony is a gaming company. Not riding on early access releases and not riding on music DLC and making metaverse features but no games or building game teams to make VR games. They want it too.

    Yeah. Great potential to sell.

    • MeowMix

      Those that have Quest 2 that are tired of limited mobile VR developed games where even Skyrim, that worked on PS4 and PSVR 6 years ago, is not possible.

      Just some context

      — PS4 – 1.8 TFlops, 8GB ram
      — Quest2 (XR2) – ~1.4 TFlops, 6 GB ram.

      Carmack has confirmed the GPU cores of the XR2 in the QUest2 are running near max clocks.

      So the Quest2 is very much capable of running PS4+PSVR1 experiences. Sure, it’ll take some tweaking, but they’re very similar in their capability.

      As a comparison, the Quest1 is only 0.6 TFlops and 4 GB ram.

      • ApocalypseShadow

        If they were similar, games like Skyrim, RE7 and Hitman 3 would have been announced already or years ago. No Man’s Sky would have been ported. That’s not the case. If Quest 2 sold millions, even more than PSVR, those games would have been ported.

        It’s great technology that’s wireless and you can take it on the go. And can play modified indie games like Super Hot, Job Simulator, Sairento, etc. But the reality is that trying to squeeze big games onto Quest like Capcom did with RE2 on N64 is not going to happen. It’s why 20 year old games are being ported like RE4 and GTA SA. And not current games. As RE8 and the remastered RE4 is coming to PS VR 2. It’s why Ready at Dawn hasn’t ported any Echo games to Quest. Even they don’t think it’s worth the time for a heavily degraded experience.

        Quest is good for smaller experiences it can handle. It would catch fire trying to keep up or drain in battery life quickly. And doesn’t have enough memory to keep up with even PSVR 1. That’s just the truth.

        • NL_VR

          Quest 2 plays walking dead saints and sinners, Bonelab, after the fall and a bunch of other Good games that arent just small experiences.
          That statement is simply wrong.

          • ApocalypseShadow

            I didn’t say there isn’t good games on it. That’s you putting words in my mouth. I named good games on Quest above. Don’t be a lier.

            But Saints and Sinners, Bone Lab, After After the Fall, etc are reduced in draw distance, textures, lighting, etc to work. They’re all “Indie Games.” Made on mobile then brought over to PC and PSVR. From the ground up games would not work on Quest 2. Not AAA games like RE7, Hitman and Skyrim. If you don’t believe that, then you’re lying to yourself. Porting those games would not be exact to PSVR or even fit. If those games are already degraded on the base PS4 console, how do you think those games would look on Quest 2 with even less memory and teraflops? Don’t fool yourself. Step into the light.

            You’re trying to put Quest 2 in the same power level as PS4 like Meow above. As if something like GT Sport would run or even fit in memory without degrading the game and match PS4. Quest 2 doesn’t even have Dirt Rally on it. And if Drive Club looked blurry on PS4, it would be a mess on Quest 2. Or they would end up reducing the amount of cars, reduce the area size, textures, etc.

            You haven’t named one current AAA game on Quest. Or you somehow think an Indie games like Sairento wasn’t downgraded to fit. You can’t even explain why all the Echo games are not on there either. And Facebook owns the developer. They know better than you.

            If you want to keep lying to yourself, be my guest. The truth is another matter altogether. And don’t try and add PC as if there’s a PC inside Quest 2.

      • Ookami

        — PS4 – 1.8 TFlops, 8GB ram
        — Quest2 (XR2) – ~1.4 TFlops, 6 GB ram.

        so 34% less performance and 25% less ram. Considering how scuffed the PS4 version was, I honestly doubt that the Quest 2 could run it.

      • 2 Deco

        XR’s 1.4 TFlops when doing fp16
        When doing fp32 like ps4, it’s 0.7 Tflops

        And PS4 has 8GB GDDR5 RAM
        XR uses low power ddr ram

        PS4 won’t drop performance like a mobile soc.

        And yet VR games running on ps4 looks like ps3 titles.

  • Marko V

    I still don’t have a PS5. Does anyone know when the PS5 will be more widely available? Or is everyone still paying the exorbitant scalper prices? I’m on the Sony and Amazon “invitation” lists. Have been for a few months.

    • Sven Viking

      See if they have PlayStation Direct/the ability to join a wait list to buy directly from Sony in your region.

      • Marko V

        I have the ability to sign in (I’ve had a Playstation account since 2004) and all I can do is “1. Register, and 2. Get invited.” I guess I don’t make the cut!

        • Sven Viking

          Is it possible that registering for it is what you want?

          • Marko V

            Yes, have registered.

          • Sven Viking

            Ah sorry misunderstood. I think you just need to wait in the queue for a while, but from what others said it isn’t usually too long. (Weeks not months or something?)

    • Tommy

      Also become a Walmart+ member. You have first dibs on new consoles. You can cancel as soon as you order your PS5. They announce them to their members before going on sale. I’ve already scored 2 off there at two different times.

    • peter vasseur

      Yeah they are starting to flow more. My local GameStop says they are getting 6-12 every few weeks now. I own 3 so if you really want one you can get one.

  • Seems a very optimistic prediction, but if it happens, it’s great for the whole ecosystem!

  • DickDastardly

    According to sales figures obtained by Android Authority, the company has only sold five million PS5 consoles as of August 2022.

    The linked article actually claims that Sony sold more than 20 million PS5s by June 2022.

  • ViRGiN

    you drunk? arguing with pcvr fanatic?

    • NL_VR

      We are not discussing PCVR :P

  • Kenny Thompson

    I hope they sell out. I love high-end VR…. but I am skeptical. I’m guessing few will pay $500 for a headset for a $500 ps5. Lets hope the headset is $299. Then we are talking!

    • peter vasseur

      I will pay $600 for the hmd. But I’m sure it will only be $500. If people want cheap $299.00 hmd they can buy a quest2 l, except that even the quest 2 is no longer $299. When you add in the speacil strap and whatever else your quest 2 $299 hmd is actually closer to $500 than $299. I don’t want cheap tech, just because people may or may not be able to afford it. You’re not getting the tech inside psvr2 for $299.