One of the bigger announcements from Sony’s E3 briefing last night was the announcement of Skyrim VR only for PlayStation VR. Well, it seems that exclusivity may just be a timed arrangement according to some sources and we will in fact see an HTC Vive / Steam VR release at some point.

There are many games out there that people would love to come to VR (or perhaps for VR to come to them). Skyrim however is right up there on the most wanted list. So, learning that Bethesda was working on an official virtual reality release at yesterday’s Sony E3 briefing was likely music to many VR enthusiast’s ears. What wasn’t so welcome was the news that Skyrim VR would be exclusive to PlayStation VR.

Not only was it disappointing for owners of PC VR systems like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it didn’t seem to make a lot of sense given the reveal of two other major VR reveals from the group – namely Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR – the previous day.

It’s now being reported that, according to Sony sources at E3, the PlayStation VR version of Skyrim VR is merely a timed exclusive and that – as with Doom and Fallout – there will be a Steam VR version to be released at a later date. How long that timed exclusivity will remain in place is unclear, but this strategy makes a lot more sense, more inline with expectations. This according to reporting from Gamerant and from apparent conversations had by Jeff Canata on the DLC gaming podcast (skip to approx. 1hr 3m) with a Sony rep at E3. Canata said “I don’t know if I’m able to say this but I’m gonna, they [Sony] said it’s a timed exclusive. So it is going to be exclusive to PlayStation VR for a while before it comes to Oculus and Vive,” likely meaning a SteamVR release rather than a specific Oculus Store version as well, just like its Fallout VR and Doom VFR stablemates.

'No Man’s Sky' Currently in Development for PSVR 2, Possibly Arriving as a Free Update

We’ve reached out to Sony for confirmation of this information, we’ll update this article once we receive a response either way.

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  • Me

    I’ve already got have two versions of skyrim, so I hope I won’t need to pay for a third one, may it be VR…

    But I guess I will buy eventually, just to show support to this nascent industry.

    • Al

      I can see it 2 ways – regardless of Sony’s possible contribution: Resources had/ve to be spent in order to port to VR, nothing wrong with the company trying to recoup some of those costs.

      What I’d like to see is – DLC like cost to existing owners,and of course full costs to new users.

      • Konchu

        Agreed I’m ok paying for a VR DLC to pay for the work. But having to by a 60 dollar game in this case for the 4th time(x360,PC,PS4(got reallycheap)) would suck.

        • Same here… that’s really my only concern about it because I’ve done basically the same thing. I bought Skyrim for Xbox360 when it released, then I bought a new copy for PS4 when Skyrim:SE last went on sale, and a friend of mine had given me a copy of the PC build, so I own 3 licenses… and with this release, if it isn’t also available as DLC for existing SE owners, then I’ll be buying a 4th license. I’d rather be spending up to $20 for a VR-DLC for Skyrim:SE and then use the other $40 (assuming full price is $60) to buy other VR titles and beef up my library that much more.

      • G Vandom

        they are selling Fallout 4 as full priced standalone game so I am sure Skyrim will get the same treatment so i doubt Bethesda will release Skyrim VR as a dlc option

        • burzum

          Well, with some luck somebody just creates a mod – illegal or not – based on the modified files of the VR version that would turn the original into a VR version as well. I’m for sure not going to buy it for 60€, as much as I would like to play it.

  • Terry Lyons

    Sony you horrible bastards! GTA V all over again.

    • Al

      I don’t know about that – having Skyrim ported to PSVR likely indicates that FO4 also could be. So now can I also blame Valve for being horrible bastards?

      • krazykain

        no because Valve aren’t making them sign an exlusivity deal. they are not in any way contractually obligated to not release FO4 on PSVR.

      • patchy571

        Skyrim and FO4 are entirely different beast LOL. Skyrim is a 6 year old game, FO4 is less than two. FO4 barely ran at 30FPS on Ps4, and dropped below that in super dense areas. FO4 uses the same engine yes, but it’s also way more dense, has better textures, and uses a lot more power. FO4 isn’t an exclusive, it’s not possible to run of PSVR. You need at least 60FPS(90 preferably) to run VR properly. FO4 on PS4 without VR could barely hit 30FPS so how do you expect it to hit 60 on two separate screens rendered with different aspects?

  • DAVE

    These timed VR exclusives are so dumb do they actually think pc users are gonna switch to playstation or buy two super expensive vr headsets

    • Al

      Not at all. They’d rather incentive PS4 owners to get a PSVR instead of getting a PC HMD (if they already have a computer). With 1M+ Psvr out of a TAM of 60M+, it behooves Sony to try to gain as much VR space as possible.

      • Zachary Scott Dickerson

        Majority of gamers are too lazy to build a high end PC, and their budget will not allow. The exclusives mean nothing, just less money for the developers while the hotness of their game dies down while we fucking wait. Resident Evil. Hmm, not exactly gonna fly off the shelf next year for Vive now. Did not make extra money for the dev team. Greed for Sony.

        • Al

          Bethesda will probably make more money with Sony’s help (if Sony did help in funding) selling exclusive (period) PSVR than they would have on all platforms on their own.

          If I was Bethesda, it would be a no brainer, just business 101.

          • Zachary Scott Dickerson

            I agree with the business sense 100%. It’s just not beneficial to the consumer to do exclusives, especially when VIVE is starving for AAA content. There has to be a way to release on all platform and still benefit one platform more than the other.

          • Reels Rihard

            Someone else who gets it from the business standpoint. This is just business. People thinking a corporation offers value without protecting said offer are just children or fans. None of us has any idea how this happened. That said, Sony had to offer some type of “value” to which Beth said, timed exclusive? Sure. So basically, some people want Beth to take all the risk for their platform? Apparently Beth said no. I don’t blame them. To people wanting it for free because you purchased the older version, you already got the product you paid for. I’m not against a discount for doing so, if Beth so chooses.

      • Fam Wired

        It’s really sad. Gamers buy a specic hardware just because of ONE game.

        • Al

          That is *not* what is meant there. People buy specific hardware because they already have the supporting base devices.

          Devs place products where they can maximize returns. There were already more PSVR than both VIVE and Oculus combined at the begining of the year and that train has not stopped in any stations yet. If anything Sony has had issues in producing enough devices to support demand.

          • sirlance

            and they are already being ported over to the vive…batman, battlezone..etc I have a Vive and 70+ VR games in my library…have you played onward? best shooter out there in my opinion …I cant play battlefield 4 anymore…but put battlefiield in VR with onwards mechanics. and wow…

        • NooYawker

          Every console has a killer app, and yea, lot’s of people decide on which console to buy because of their exclusives.

        • sirlance

          Kind of like world of warcraft …you think anyone upgraded their system for that one game…? yes people will, VR is a game changer…old games become new again, and in time the
          AAA titles will start pouring in and even the broke ass’s will find a way…. air jordans seem to sell just fine in the ghetto

          • Devin C

            Truer words have never been spoken

      • AndyP

        People will buy PSVR as a future (VR) proof console, even if they wait or don’t buy the headset – so Sony will push VR for this reason alone, a loss-leader of sorts. And they are more concerned about looking better than Xbox competition than PCs, though it can’t hurt them to be winning on both fronts.

    • sirlance

      I have a vive and am looking forward to skyrim in VR…VR makes old games new again…like doom3..serious sam. both very awesome in VR

  • This is cool!
    And I surely prefer this “timed exclusives” to full exclusives. They let devs take some money while still fostering the open-ness of the market

    • Zachary Scott Dickerson

      Let the consumer choose. Not like people are buying VIVE in droves. If you have a lower budget, then yeah get the PSVR, otherwise just charge us more with a licensing fee on third party platforms.

    • NobleBrutus

      We can just play Fallout VR until Skyrim VR releases anyhow. I’m just super hyped it exists so thanks Sony/Bethesda!

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    Fuck you SONY. Fuck your bullshit, I’m not buying your PSVR, so stop fucking over the rest of us that use a PC.

    • kool

      Sorry Bethesda likes money more than the master race boo hoo.

  • G Vandom

    It won’t come to Oculus Rift. If this E3 has shown one thing it is that Bethesda is supporting every VR system that is not the rift. And after their legal battle with the rift who can blame them. Fallout 4 & Doom VFR are listed only to support HTC vive

  • leschouxcroutes

    Skyrim is a 7 years old game, or at least it will be when the VR version comes out. They think its worth pissing off their PC fanbase even more to be able to sell a few PSVRs… It doesnt make sense at all. how can skyrim be a system seller in 2018 :/

    • Piotrek

      It came out 11/11/11, so in November (when it scheduled for release) it will be exactly 6 years old not 7. Just saying…

  • ummm…

    whatever, i built a computer and bought a vive a year ago for other things besides skyrim. No console will EVER get my money. Actually, no, I lie; I repurchased a Wii a few years back because that is the only console that ever really excited me enough to buy it in the last decade + . Nice try Sony. You will NEVER get my money for VR. I’ve got the best darn VR ecosystem money can buy.

  • Fear Monkey

    I hope Bethesda eventually releases Fallout 4 VR on PSVR but I am very happy for Skyrim VR, PSVR and VR in general needs more games like this.

  • Jason Mercieca

    Marketing is a major problem for anything, it makes no sense its exclusive to PSVR, no exclusives for anyone is the way, and if they insist on exclusive they should do it in the best hardware, thats a PC!
    If exclusive for this game is 1 or 3 weeks thats fine, but if its 1 year they can swallow the game, i pass even though i love skyrim i pass, all PC users should do same to show this game dev conpanies that if they want our cash then they will have to change there nasty attitudes!


    I will start with i am a oculus fanboy. but the reality is, sony has sold more that 1 million units. I do not think combined Oculus and Vive have reached those numbers. So do the math.


    I will start with i am a oculus fanboy. but the reality is, sony has sold more that 1 million units. I do not think combined Oculus and Vive have reached those numbers. So do the math.

  • Jamison S