Road to VR co-founder Ben Lang and writer Scott Hayden attended the Oculus Game Days 2016 event on Sunday and joined me for a roundtable discussion about their launch title highlights, some analysis about the event, the future of Touch as well as their reflections on the 3 new touch games, price, and comfort ratings. There were 30 launch titles, 6 touch games, and 5 other experiences that will be released either in April or Spring 2017.


The 3 new touch titles including Dead & Buried, VR Sports, and Rock Band VR. There were not any launch dates or price announced for Touch yet because a lot of the focus was put onto the 30 launch titles that will be released on March 28th.

Some of the most visceral reactions that Ben and Scott had were to the social multiplayer games including Dead & Buried, VR Tennis Online, and Eagle Flight. We also talked about the adventure game Chronos, the polish of Eve Valkyrie, the locomotion innovations of the FPS Damaged Core, the visceral fun of VR Sports, and initial reactions to Rock Band VR and Eagle Flight. The time stamps for the related discussions are down below.

  • 00:00 Oculus Game Days
  • 02:32 Dead & Buried
  • 07:59 Chronos
  • 12:41 Eve Valkyrie
  • 14:52 VR Sports
  • 21:53 Damaged Core
  • 24:03 Touch updates
  • 32:44 VR Tennis Online
  • 33:47 Rock Band VR
  • 39:41 Eagle Flight
  • 42:11 Price
  • 44:31 Comfort Ratings
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Here’s the full list of games and prices, and here’s a photo of all of the Oculus Game Days launch titles and upcoming releases:

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