The standout feature for Samsung’s new Odyssey+ headset is its so-called “anti-SDE” display, but beyond that it appears that the headset has actually seen minor adjustments in a handful of areas. With the first Odyssey headset having poor ergonomics, we’re hoping that these adjustments will make the headset more comfortable for a wider range of users.

We previously knew that the Odyssey+ would feature a larger nose cavity and wider face interface (the foam that rests against the face around the eyes), but now having our hands on detailed photos to look side-by-side with the original headset shows that much of the headset has gotten a good once-over. Drag the sliders on each image below to compare the headsets (note: images are not perfectly to scale).

Above we can see the most notable adjustment to the Odyssey+ which is a redesign of the display housing with a simplified composition, now looking more like a singular unit than two distinct pieces.

Samsung says that the weight of the headset has been slightly reduced (from 820 grams to 798 grams, cable included).

Above we can see the clearest changes to the nose cavity. The opening is not only much wider (Samsung says from 32mm from 40mm), but the rubber flaps have been adjusted to point away from the face instead of perpendicular to it. Both changes will hopefully reduce that mildly infuriating feeling of having your nostrils pinched slightly while using the headset, though ideally this won’t come at the expense of too much light leakage through the nose cavity. The lenses almost look different here as well, but most likely it’s just a difference in the way the images were rendered.

The images above again show the changes to the display housing, which previously had a distinct ‘outside’ with an inset piece that culminated in the face interface. The outside housing on the Odyssey+ is now continues further toward the face and the inset piece appears largely eliminated. We can also see minor adjustments to the buttons on the bottom of the housing, including a slight tweak to the microphone placement. The headphones also get a little red flourish on the inside to highlight the AKG branding.

This view above gives us the best look at the changes to the headset’s padding. Samsung says that the Odyssey+ is using new foam which should allow for more airflow and reduce fogging. The face interface is also now removable and washable, which will be deeply appreciated by anyone using the headset for games that lead to a good workout.

Samsung says the overall width of the face interface has been increased from 138mm to 146mm, which may make it easier to fit glasses inside. The section of foam along the brow has also been beefed up on the Odyssey+ whereas on the original it thinned above the nose. Hopefully the increased surface area will better distribute pressure and improve long term comfort.

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From this angle it almost looks like the headphone connection point has been slightly adjusted from the Odyssey to the Odyssey+, but it’s tough to say if that’s really the case or if it’s just a subtle difference in the rendering. We hope it was in fact adjusted, as on the original Odyssey the headphones could be hard to get in just the right spot without adjusting the headset in a way which would be detrimental to visual quality.

It’s also worth noting that the Odyssey+ controllers are identical to the original Odyssey controllers, though even the original ones were slightly tweaked compared to the controllers used by all the other Windows VR headsets.

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Samsung announced and launched the Odyssey+ this week. Priced at $500, the headset is said to be available now in the US from Samsung and Microsoft websites (though we’ve yet to see a page where it can be ordered), and the company plans to launch it “soon” in Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Brazil. As a Windows VR headset, the Odyssey+ works with VR apps from the Windows Store and SteamVR. Check out this article for more information about the headset’s features.

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  • impurekind

    Don’t like the controllers, they look like unfinished prototype models imo, but the headset looks pretty good all round. And the faceplate padding definitely looks much better and like it will be more comfortable.

    • Farzaan Ijaz

      I’m actually a big fan of the Samsung controllers. Having the choice between the joystick and the trackpad works pretty well.
      Not as good as the Rift controllers but better than the Vive wands.

      • impurekind

        I’m sure they work well enough and feel good enough, but I just think they look pretty fugly and unfinished as consumer-end products.

        • G-man

          well blame microsoft, all the other headsets have the same controllers, samsung actually bothered to tweak them a biut, but maybe microsoft doesnt want them changing them too much.

  • Luke

    is it possible to plat onward vr with those headsets? grab the map, play with a gunstock without seeing jitters when aiming… it it all possible?

    • Daniel Gochez

      Onward is playable on WMR, but it’s not as confortable because you have to adjust your playstyle, put your hands a bit forward so the tracking cameras can see them both.

      • Renzo V

        really ? i play normal no issues tho

        • Daniel Gochez

          Sounds like you are used to it, But i came from a Vive to a Lenovo, (and now and Odissey). So I know what the vive tracking felt like, I do ejoy Onward on the WMR headsets but i can tell the difference.

          • Renzo V

            like I agree with you but i also seen that it depends a lot in the game, i know Onward is “not fully supported” but before ..grabbing the tablet in Onward was hard, now after the updates it works every time. I think a big issue that Samsung has/had is the bluetooth, if the bluetooth dongle doesn’t have a line of sight or it’s a crappy one then the tracking would be bad.

    • Renzo V

      fuck yeah, i have no problems, if you buy the old i will only recommend a good bluetooth receiver. 40 % of my VR library is non WMR. and yes i have the protube VR magtube .. it all works

  • Frédéric Ilbaize

    That anti SDE technology is definitely impressive : invisible pixels and a vr headset invisible to the naked eye also ! Great job samsung !

  • Darshan

    Any chance these Anti SDE display head to Oculus Quest….?? They Need to indeed

    • Rogue Transfer

      No. The Samsung site says the Anti-SDE is an ‘exclusive’ to the Odyssey+.

      • Downvote King

        Exclusive for the moment, I can’t imagine it won’t show up in other devices down the road – whether that means Quest is a different story.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          It’s quite possible that the Quest will have these displays, it’s still almost half a year before the Quest will be released, and the Odyssey+ is available now..

          • Downvote King

            That would be a pretty big win for the Quest, and if it turns out to be the mainstream device some predict, it could be a big win for VR as a whole.

          • Renzo V

            Oculus most likely buy it from Samsung, LG and Samsung are the big dogs on that field

    • Who’s this?

      This is a Samsung technology, so no. Oculus can make their own if they want though.

      • Darshan

        Oculus Can’ make their own,,, RIFT’s current displays are also Samsung produced only.True Samsung may keep it exclusive for time being..eventually they will sell to all..this is how it happens in reality…Display mass production at some point force samsung to look others consumpt what they can’t

        • Renzo V

          Indeed, look at iphones , some parts are from Samsung.. it will happy, but yeah im selling my current Odyssey for the plus.

  • wheeler

    If the image from the video indicating the difference in “perceived resolution” is at all accurate (and if they’ve fixed the damn lenses), I’ll be buying one of these ASAP. Recall that the left image is the Odyssey–the Rift/Vive look significantly more pixelated than that.

    Anxiously waiting for roadtovr’s review

    • Caven

      Thise pictures definitely aren’t representative. One of their comparisons even shows an RGB stripe display, which obviously is not Samsung’s Pentile layout. I’d be distrustful of any comparison that doesn’t involve actual photographs through the lenses.

      • GarynTX

        I fell for that watching their promotional video until I realized that most people don’t know about pentile vs RGB and figured even the makers of the video didnt understand that. Samsung clearly states they use some sort of filter screen. No mention of pixel arrangement. I took my original back because the screen door was too much for me. My vision sucks but for whatever reason, I can see clearly in VR and notice the pixels instantly. I’m with you on waiting for the actual photographs through the screen first.

    • James Cobalt

      …can you do that? Use Vive controllers with the Odyssey headset? Because that’d be a dream!

  • Michael Woodrum

    Update all you want Samsung, unless you improve teaching, it’s still garbage. Did you also make the controllers rechargeable? Most likely not. Did the battery door, probably not. Did you use not Nintendo 64 haptics? No, grab the rumble pack and hot glue it in your garbage controls. Can I pull a bow string without my hand going 400 get away? Give up on wmr and move to steam tracking. Or, improve and put 4 more cameras on the headset. I paid for the first one, full price, not going to get tricked again. Same with your refrigerators. All the knock knock you add, only makes me more mad when regular things don’t work. I’ll stick with the Vive or anything with actual tracking capabilities. I hate double a batteries…

    • brandon9271

      ^this. The WMR tracking is crap up close to your face. I guess the cameras can’t focus up close. Archery games are garbage on WMR. Honestly, i was ok with the first Odyssey. They didn’t fix any of the things that bothered me and instead changed trivial stuff. Also, given the choice I’d probably prefer the sharper image with SDE vs the newer, blurrier image.

    • Renzo V

      have you owned one?

    • Bruce Banner

      “Did you also make the controllers rechargeable? Most likely not.”

      Personally, I’d prefer to just swap out rechargables as needed, rather than stop my VR session and wait for the controllers themselves to be charged. That’s the best part of the Rift’s Touch controllers… the batteries last 30 hours, then you just swap in fresh ones as you go. No need to wait 1-2 hours for the Vive wands to recharge, and then have them only last 6-8 hours until they need to be charged all over again.

      • Taosaur

        I don’t even… I hope you have a family of five extreme VR enthusiasts struggling with that “only” 6-8 hours of playtime. I am not strapping any of the current gen toasters to my face for 6-8 hours, much less complaining I can’t go longer. Managing batteries is decidedly more hassle than plugging in my controllers between sessions.

    • Cienna Tower


  • Foreign Devil

    I wonder if this new no pixels tech is going to blur everything? I’d rather see pixels and be able to read text then have everything look like it is under a sheet of water.

    • G-man

      it blurs each pixels slightl so it covers the blackborder around it. its not going to blur the whole image. that would be terrible.

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    No VirtualLink support? :/ I’m sure it would boost their sales if only by a little bit. Also would allow Samsung to claim the title of ‘The First HMD to …’ ;)

    • Lucidfeuer

      Why wouldt it, do you have a VirtualLink compatible PC?

      • Mateusz Pawluczuk

        If you have an RTX card, you have VirtualLink :)

  • Great work on the images with the sliders… they make us notice all the subtles differences!

  • Lucidfeuer

    The design looks slightly finer, especially with the new fabrics. But the marketing up-pricing for little ameliorations is of bad taste (and no commercial efficiency) so I doubt it’ll move units more than that. I would have upgraded to test if it was no more 300$, at 500$ you can go $ù#@ yourself.

  • darklocket

    I love my current Odyssey headset and have physically used a vivepro as well and the Odyssey visuals are much better for me. I even like the Odyssey wands better for button placement and dual control using both touch and joysticks. yes, there was a tracking issue until I purchased a 3rd party blue tooth dongle with excellent range and with nice rechargeable batteries and this thing rocks. Soo looking forward to this new release which wont cost an arm and leg like others.

    • Renzo V

      same here, its interesting that you mentioned issue with Bluetooth, because i also had the same until i got something better and then it was flawless. even bow and arrow games, i play onward with no problems :)

    • Harry Head

      what bluetooth device did you use to improve the tracking?

  • Mythos88

    The side-by-side seems to show more adjustment in headphone length as well, which was big issue for a minority of Odyssey owners. That needs to be confirmed though.

  • Peter

    Where the fuck can i buy this?

    • Jimmy

      on Samsung’s online store, Microsoft store and I’ve also seen it on popular online stores, but they’re often back order so just order straight from Samsung or Microsoft whenever it’s on discount.

  • G-man

    this damn well better be coming to europe/uk this time, what the hell samsung, you dont like money?

  • JesuSaveSouls

    The most appealing mixed reality.

  • GarynTX

    I took my original back because the SDE was too much. My vision is horrible, but my closeup vision is 20/20 or better. I can see the pixels instantly. I went ahead and bought this version. I went out of my way to try and see SDE and couldn’t. Even looked at a white area and nothing. That filter is very impressive. I have found that after playing a bit the sound will just crash and nothing but extremely loud static. I figured it was the length of the cable so I got a powered usb which didnt help BTW. After not using it for 2 days, i picked it up to play and noticed it was warm. The thing is constantly on. So I unplug the usb when not in use. So far I haven’t had any sound issues as of yet.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Jesusavesouls !