Samsung’s VR video streaming platform, Milk VR, is loosening up to make way for community-made content. So you too can potentially get eyeballs on your VR video project through the stock Gear VR app (provided your film makes the grade).

Announced at this year’s SVVR Conference and Expo by company VP of strategy and creative content Matt Apfel, Samsung wants to open its previously closed VR video app to showcase “high quality content from emerging filmmakers” and doing so on a regular basis.

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The Gear VR app, which is currently only available for direct download from Samsung via US-based IP addresses, features a number of video styles ranging from full 360 video to the less than stellar cylindrical video.

Because Samsung is still keeping quiet on their exact judging criteria for their curated ‘community channel’, a few of the videos mentioned during the announcement might give us a better indicator of what to aim for.

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Road to VR does not condone “bear licking” of any sort

“Beer with a Grizzly” from Dryft VR is a monoscopic 360 video where the cinematographers encounter a grizzly bear, and instead of making loud noises or curling into the fetal position, they invite it to their table to feed it grapes.

“Fractal Zoom” from Don Whitaker that features an extreme close-up of a fractal rendered in Mandelbulb 3D, moving you through an seemingly infinite series of crenelated fractals set to music.

“11:57” from Henrik + Sofia, a short horror film that was screened on Halloween of last year, that takes you through a nightmarish scenario in an abandoned basement.

Samsung has however set aside number of technical benchmarks that content creators will have to meet if they want to get in the Milk VR app.

  • Resolution: Minimum 4096×2048 (4096×4096 for stereoscopic)
  • Framerate: 23.976 to 60.00
  • Minimum Bitrate: 40,000Kbps (40Mbit)
  • Maximum Bitrate: for high motion, you can upload a higher bitrate, provided that you do not exceed the 25 GB file size limit.
  • Codec: h.264

This and other specifications can be found on the Milk VR FAQ, including a short guide of suggestions on how best to deliver 360 content (steady, stationary 360 cameras please).

With no specific time set for launch, Samsung has assured us that content creators can register now on

  • Don Gateley

    This is a 360 degree video channel, not an app channel. Apps still require signing which only comes through their store. Hoping they’ll soon open up to unsigned apps and don’t require signing of Oculus apps for CV1 instead.

  • Curtrock

    I hope they NEVER make the platform so open that it gets flooded with stupid-ass, sub-par content that doesn’t meet minimum criteria for a decent VR experience. There will be plenty of HMD’s in the near future that will be completely open. Let Oculus be the standard setter/bearer until VR gets a stronger foothold. VR content needs to be curated, for the short term.