‘The Secret of Retropolis’ is the Latest App Lab Success to Make the Leap to the Main Quest Store


Meta’s App Lab now counts over 500 VR games and experiences, a majority of which still haven’t passed the curation process to make the leap to the Quest Store. Now, well-rated adventure game The Secret of Retropolis has made the jump, bringing its mix of classic point-and-click action and immersive cinematography to the official Store.

The Secret of Retropolis came to SteamVR headsets and the Rift Store in July 2021, releasing simultaneously on App Lab for Quest. Although less difficult than when Meta (then Facebook) launched Quest in 2019, getting a game through the approval process so you can get featured on the Store is still no small task.

Now you’ll be able to find the plucky ’90s-style point-and-click on the official Quest Store. As of today, the game has already racked up a near five-star rating among users.

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In Retropolis, you embody the classic film noir protagonist—a gumshoe with a robotic twist. You’ll solve puzzles with your extendible arms, which offers a pretty immersive take on the whole point-and-click input theme.

If the hand-drawn style looks somewhat familiar, that’s because The Secret of Retropolis was made in Quill, the VR art creation tool which has also been used to create Dear Angelica (2017), Tales from Soda Island (2021), and a host of works by the talented Goro Fujita, just to name a few.

You might also recognize a few artistic influences. Indie team Peanut Button says they took inspiration from Grim Fandango (1998), Blade Runner (1982)BioShock (2007), and Batman: The Animated Series (1992). 

You’ll find The Secret of Retropolis on the Quest Store for Quest and Quest 2, priced at $13. Many users report having finished the game in around an hour, but generally liking the retro-future vibe, story, and puzzle difficulty.

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  • It’s a great game, the success is well deserved

  • Red Team 19

    It’s great as a developer to see more games making it to the official store from App Lab!!!