Sixense has just sent out an update to backers of their 2013 STEM motion controller Kickstarter campaign which includes an updated production roadmap and a new estimated release date.

Sixense, makers of the Razer Hydra and inventors of the promising motion controller tech STEM, have had a tough couple of years since their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign finished at over $600k, 241% of their original $250k goal, back in October 2013. The technology has come a long way but, beleaguered by strict FCC regulation testing and design problems, the systems have yet to ship to backers.

In the latest update to backers though, a roadmap has been published suggesting that the company now expects to ship hardware before the end of the year, with an overview of their projected steps to get there.


As you can see, we are in the home stretch, making our final few changes and implementing them as we push toward product release. We will also be providing a separate update on the SDK and software for the STEM System this month.

Sixense have had to make changes to hardware, software and firmware to cope with to improve “immunity” Electrostatic Discharge and more importantly, to reduce the complexity of of obtaining that elusive FCC ID – certification required for electronics equipment to go on sale in the US.

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Once the front runner in its field, STEM in 2015 finds itself with competition from Valve and Oculus, both companies now having revealed their competing solutions for virtual reality input, to launch within the next 6-12 months.

Nevertheless, Sixense has continued to impress with enhancements to their original designs resulting in impressively accurate performance in our hands-on testing with the device. STEM remains an interesting VR input device, one that we’re looking forward to seeing in final, production form.


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