At Sony’s E3 2017 presentation the company announced a slew of brand new titles heading to PSVR. The range of games is diverse, from shooter to puzzle, to horror, and more.

Though Skyrim is coming to PSVR, Sony’s E3 presentation also featured a section dedicated to brand new PSVR games not seen anywhere else yet. Here’s a quick look:

Star Child

Star Child is a new title from VR developer Playful, the studio that made Lucky’s Tale (2016). The new game appears to be a platformer like Lucky’s Tale but has a vastly different setting. It seems the game will play with scale quite significantly as your tiny character eventually meets a huge robot-like life form who wants to help. We’re guessing there may be portions of the way where the character inhabits the robot and interacts with the character as a giant helper.

The Inpatient

The Inpatient is coming from Supermassive Games, the studio behind PSVR title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Tumble VR, and other non-VR titles. The game looks to be a first-person horror/thriller which will take place in a medical ward. At first glance it seems reminiscent of the recently released Wilson’s Heart on Oculus.

Final Fantasy: Monsters of the Deep

From Square Enix, this appears to be the evolution of the Final Fantasy VR Experience that Sony had announced alongside Final Fantasy XV at last year’s E3. The gameplay revealed so far shows a VR fishing experience ranging from little fish to giant monsters. It isn’t clear if the game will be DLC for the latest Final Fantasy or a standalone title. The game is due to launch in September.

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Bravo Team

Also from Supermassive Games, Bravo Team is a cover-based shooter that looks to be almost guaranteed to support the new PSVR Aim controller that recently debuted with Farpoint (2017).


Perhaps the most unique looking title announced in the bunch, Moss, from developer Polyarc, features an adorable little sword-wielding mouse as the main character. The player will inhabit a spirit-like avatar who will help guide the mouse (from a third-person vantage point) along its adventures. The game appears to be primarily a puzzle-adventure game with light combat.

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  • Konchu

    Not sure how immersive Moss will be may be like Lucky’s Tale that really didn’t need to be in VR(was still neat in VR though). But really excited for this title.

  • MosBen

    A guy that I went to high school with has a younger brother who is one of the three people making Moss. Pretty cool.