Sony is getting ready to offer big discounts in their 11-day ‘Days of Play’ sale, which will see price reductions on PSVR bundles, controllers, games, and the introduction of a limited edition PS4.

From June 8th to 18th, you can snag a PSVR hardware bundle starting at $200 USD ($250 CDN). Although the blogpost announcement hasn’t specified what the bundles are yet, Sony’s cheapest hardware bundle is the GT Sport bundle for $250-$300, which could present a max savings of $100. We expect similar pricing across all current bundles, including Skyrim VR and DOOM VFR, respectively priced at $350 and $300 MSRP currently.

PlayStation Move motion controllers (two included) will be priced at $80 USD ($100 CDN), and PSVR Aim at $50 in the US.

PSVR Game Deals

  • Gran Turismo Sport: $20 USD ($30 CDN)
  • Bravo Team: $30 USD ($40 CDN)
  • Farpoint: $15 USD ($20 CDN)
  • The Inpatient: $15 USD ($20 CDN)
  • More PSVR games (unspecified) starting at $20
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Image courtesy Sony

A limited edition ‘Days of Play’ PS4 system will also be available for $300 USD ($380 CDN, €300 EUR) featuring a ‘Days of Play’ design in blue, with a 1TB hard drive and a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller.

A Jet Black PS4 Pro is going for $350 USD ($450 CDN), and DualShock 4 wireless controller (all colors) for $40 USD ($50 CDN).

Providing Sony reduces bundles across the board by $100, you could have everything you need to get into VR (PS Move and Camera included) for as low as $550 all-in if you buy the limited edition PS4 and the Skyrim VR bundle.

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  • David Herrington

    I know that a lot of people on here think that PSVR is subpar, but it’s really not and this is actually really good news. $550 all included for VR is INCREDIBLE. Not to mention that if you already have a base PS4 that $250 for VR is also crazy cheap. This newest sale will likely grow the VR user base by a large margin for those that were still holding off.

    I’m tempted myself to grab one up just to see how the Aim controller works with games like Farpoint.

    • jj

      plus wipeout is a good series

    • Lucidfeuer

      It is really subpar, period. But the platform and catalogue itself are nice.

      I have an original PS4 at home, and never bothered buying a home PSVR after trying it out on our office PS4 Pro. Hopefully next year, Sony release the Playstation 4 and PSVR system they should have 2 years ago.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        bullshit, the PSVR is a great VR experience, especially for it’s low price. But then again, some people are just big snobs…

        • anony

          its a very entry level product, once you get used to other systems its hard to use the PSVR

        • AndyP

          I own a Rift/1080 PC and my good friend owns a PSVR/PS4 Pro. Both are great for different reasons and personal circumstances (Rift for image quality, Touch, range of games/software; PSVR for quality of games, Aim, and because it actually fits in a typical living room!). Both are amazing experiences we could only dream of a few years back. I wish people would stop the zero-sum BS that only undermines this first gen VR so that everyone loses.

    • kool

      Far point is dope with the aim! Co op and multiplayer keep it n my rotation. And if your into zombies Arizona Sunshine is cool with a buddy the graphics kinda suck but you’ll appreciate that when you get mobbed!

      • Konchu

        Its fun for sure my only gripe is the drift I feel making a new standalone controller they missed out by using one point of reference. Aka it uses one Light Orb and the Gyro, I feel if they could have had at least 2 light points maybe 3 it could have been rock solid, the head tracking is solid so no idea why they did not include more lights here too. Basically while playing when the gun not lining up how it should with the peripheral I have to shake the gun to force it to reset or go to the PS4 menu to do the same.

        • kool

          Make sure you don’t have any surfaces reflecting the lights behind you like a window, lamp or mirror. I sit back atleast six feet from the cam as well. The drift happens with the aim but it shouldn’t be that frequent…it shouldn’t even happen every play session for sure.

  • I’m to lazy to see what these prices are vs retail. Even a percentage saved would have helped. That or I could have googled it all in the time it took me to write this *cough*

  • kool

    I hope they can get below $200 for black Friday. The growth is slow but steady ive noticed the lobbies filling up more and more for months. I still can’t help but to think a cod with aim support would send vr thru the roof!

    • JJ

      lol like Pavlov, Bam, or Stand out? cod for VR already exists on the platforms that are capable. psvr however just isn’t good enough

      • kool

        Are saying a game thats been using the same engine since the ps3 can’t be done on psvr lmao! There is no cod on pc vr either unless your talking about vorpx. Also zero hour looks way better than Pavlov.

        • JJ

          uhhhhhh what? lol

          You’re on some other shit.

          All i was saying is there are already COD like games out there and listed a few. btw have you played any of the games i mention? in vr theres a lot more to consider past the look of a game, and when Sony finances games to be PS exclusive you better bet theyll have good graphics.

          That being said a game engine thats built for the ps3 is going to have TREMENDOUS problems being compatible with PSVR. The fact that youre making a statement like that highlights your lack of involvement in the industry. The older a game engine, the LESS compatible it”s going to be with new technology and new development kits.

          If you think that since cod has the same engine they used on ps3 as they do now that’ll somehow make it easier for them to port to PSVR, then you’re completely wrong… Bethesda had to work their asses off to get skyrim and fallout ported over, so its possible but its not ideal.

          • kool

            It’s the id3 engine which is x86 compatible. Guess what kind of processor is in the ps4. They wouldn’t base it of the ps3 version anyway…it’d be based of the pc version. You clearly have no involvement in the industry and your comments dont make any sense. You said cod vr is on pc (it’s not) and the ps4 can’t handle cod vr (which it can). Then I named a game for psvr with better graphics than Pavlov and you said it’s a money issue…

  • oompah


  • MarquisDeSang

    Meanwhile in the basement of their parent’s house, Xbox One X owners are crying because their expensive brick is not powerful enough for VR. PSVR + Farpoint + Aim Controller = Starship Trooper for REAL. There is nothing else to say. E3 has become the biggest Retro Gamer Expo in the wurld without VR.

    • anony

      get a life troll

    • zombie84_41

      Does VR work in a small room though.

      • MarquisDeSang

        Seriously, a phone booth is enough for 97% of vr games.

        • zombie84_41

          Awesome because honestly thats why I been holding off on it. My room is about the size of a phone booth maybe a little bit bigger lol.

  • zombie84_41

    I’m glad I held off for a PS-VR might treat myself to and early B-day gift.