Sony is gearing up for the PlayStation VR’s launch this October, but you shouldn’t be boxing up your DualShock 4 gamepad in favor of the Move motion controller just yet. According to a statement from Sony issued to Eurogamer, you’ll be able use the DS4 in all PSVR games to come.

Update 7/14/2016 @3pm ET: Seems Sony went back on its original clarification on this matter, now stating that “nearly all” PSVR titles will support the DS4 pad. The headline has been corrected. The original story remains below.

In effort to address some confusion that conflicting versions of game box art found on and could cause potential customers, which features a variation of PSVR accessories at the bottom right-hand corner of some game boxes—one with the Move controller and one without—Sony now wants to make it clear that the console’s motion controller is not a pre-requisite, and that DS4 controllers will works for all PSVR games.

To clarify, Sony told Eurogamer this:

All PlayStation VR titles will support DualShock 4 controllers. However some game experiences will be enhanced with the use of peripherals such as Move or the recently announced Aim controller.

Images being shown of PSVR packaging on some websites are early mock ups and not representative of the finished packaging.

In effect, this will require developers creating cross-platform, hand controller-required VR games like Job Simulator or Fantastic Contraption to offer a much more limited experience of the game alongside their original design if they want to target PSVR.

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While the DualShock 4 controller features an integrated tracking LED and some gestural input is to be expected from the gamepad, it’s unclear whether DS4 will functionally become a second-class citizen in games that clearly benefit from what some are calling ‘hand presence’.

And even though it’s sure to be an annoyance to developers already head-over-heels for motion controllers like Oculus Touch or HTC Vive’s hand controllers, the fact remains that not everyone has the same level of mobility. Making the VR platform entirely open to gamers of all physical abilities may just be a boon for what’s poised to be the most diffuse high-end VR headset on the market.

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  • Mane Vr

    best news ever I am thinking about if I should buy a Ps for the vr farpoint looks interesting to me

  • Pistol Pete

    Gaming in VR with a gamepad sucks ass!

    • Harald Heide Gundersen

      Yepp, if it’s the only option, but it might work as an alternative for some…

    • J.C.

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure Job Simulator will require Move controllers. 90% of what makes that game fun is the ability to pick stuff up and mess around with it. Using a controller makes sense with cockpit titles, like Elite or any racing game. First person titles should pretty much force tracked hand movement.

      How much more fun would Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes be if they’d had you using motion controls instead of a gamepad? I’m honestly very surprised no one’s made a very similar game but with motion controls. I don’t have KTaNE specifically because it has no motion controls, despite clearly being a prime candidate.

      Once Oculus gets their motion controls out, I think we’ll be seeing a sharp turn away from traditional gamepad titles. But until ALL VR setups have motion controls available, and even then, we’ll see devs catering to the LCD.

  • Jean Thompson

    Talk about VR sickness. I will never go back to Game pad now that I have used VIVE.