If the news that Tetris is coming to PSVR hasn’t flipped any wigs, the makers of Space Pirate Trainer (2017), the super successful arcade shooter, have just tossed out a not-so-subtle hint that PSVR owners will soon be able to dive head-first into the galactic robot shooter.

Indie studio I-Illusions tweeted out today that it’s “time to get off the couch,” featuring the game’s logo wearing a PSVR headset.

Space Pirate Trainer, which left Early Access back in October 2017, has been a fan favorite since the early days of room-scale VR, first launching on HTC Vive, and then adding support for Oculus Rift and Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets.

The game shows an impressive level of polish and a diverse set of game mechanics to make it more than just a simple shooting gallery, as it currently holds a [10/10] rating on Steam, and a [4.5/5] stars on both the Oculus Store and on the Microsoft Store.

There’s no word on when the PSVR version of Space Pirate Trainer is due, but we’ll be updating this article as soon as we know.

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  • LowRezSkyline

    Still my main jam on VIVE… plus it’s a great workout too if you are able to play to level 70-80-90 (I’m 4th on the world leaderboard…). Can’t imagine how this would work without room-scale though, or does PSVR have room-scale?

    • ra51

      Its a sit down (or stand up) experience like the default Oculus Rift setup. You are able to stand and move around from side to side a bit – like how you can in Farpoint. But without the support of multiple cameras, its not room scale capable at all.

      • Sch@dows

        I had a lot of troubles with the tracking with farpoint (aiming for enemies above or under me).

        I must admit, I can’t imagine a true SPT experience without lot of sweat and roomscale.

  • HybridEnergy

    To this day, in my opinion, this is one of the most over rated VR games to date.