Interested in jumping into the VR racing scene? This weekend you can snag discounts up to 80% on some of the best VR sim racing games out there.

Courtesy of gaming deal and charitable giving site Humble Bundle, now through Monday, April 9th at 10AM PT, you can find steep discounts on three great VR sim racing games through the ‘Festival of Speed‘ sale:

Project Cars 2 – $30 (50% discount)
Supports HTC Vive & Oculus Rift via Steam

Dirt Rally – $12 (80% discount)
Supports Oculus Rift via Steam (potentially playable on Vive via Revive)

Assetto Corsa – $12 (60% discount)
Supports HTC Vive & Oculus Rift via Steam

Two of these titles have found their way onto our list of the Top 5 VR Racing Sims, with Project Cars 2 sitting at #1 and Assetto Corsa at #4. Though Dirt Rally is no slouch either, nabbing an honorable mention on our list, which you should check out if you want to know more about these games to see which one best suits your taste.

It's Ok to Be Jealous of This $25,000 VR Racing Rig, We Are Too

Let it be known, your experience with any of these VR racing games is going to be much more immersive when played with a steering wheel peripheral. Don’t have one? We’ve got a great breakdown for beginners looking to pick up their first racing wheel. Want to jump in head first? Check out our expanded list of sim racing hardware tuned to fit any budget.

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  • dogbite

    As one who drove a 74 Celica Gt for many years I was a big fan or Richard Burns Rally. When I first tried Dirt Rally, I though it was a poor implementation of physics. Then I got VR. Dirt Rally in VR is so close to RL it is sick. Being able to see the road undulations in depth makes all the difference in the world. It is worth every penny at full price. At 80% off it’s a no brainer. Even if you’re not into rally, buy it to teach your kids how to drive.

    • J.C.

      I’d love to, but Codemasters didn’t bother to make the game work on my headset. At this point it seems unlikely that they’ll add in Vive support. I’ll give my money to devs who DO directly support my headset.

      • benz145

        Have you tried Revive?

        • J.C.

          I won’t install it. It’s a bandaid that no one should use. All it does is help Oculus feel like blocking everyone else out is ok.

          I won’t take the bet that a third party program will work. Anyone who DOES had better come to terms with the very real possibility of losing access to everything they bought that’s Oculus only. There are seven or eight VR kits out now, and Oculus supports ONE of them.

          Oculus isn’t interested in making the right decisions for VR. They’re only interested in what might be a good decision for themselves. That’s all fine, aside from them constantly claiming otherwise. This is Zuckerberg’s show now, and we’ve seen how he runs a company.

          • dogbite

            Well you can’t blame Oculus for Dirt Rally not supporting your hmd. It’s not their doing. Bitch a Codemaster.

          • Alexisms

            You say you’d love to with one breath and the no you won’t use Revive. You’re cutting your nose to spite your face. The only one missing out is you. Stop having a tantrum and play the games you want!!

          • Raphael

            He has principles and isn’t going to be bullied into abandoning them for a developer who doesn’t support the VR platform they sell on (steam).

          • ummm…

            i have principles too. i fail to see why i should stop playiny DR to fulfill them. please educate me. i didnt sign up for, or purchase from the oculus store. i bought from steam….steam……….and i just use it to launch it. ……..????????!!!!!!!!

          • ShiftyInc

            In this case it’s not Oculus who made the decision to not make a Vive version for it. They are not going to tell Codemasters to piss off, if they don’t release a VIve version as well. And also it seems that Oculus is making all the right decisions as of late, where HTC is giving all consumers the finger.

          • Raphael

            We think alike. I don’t believe in supporting developers who exclude other major VR headsets. Codemasters don’t deserve the support. They aren’t committed to VR at all. Every time someone suggests reVive I want to punch them. It’s a good hack especially if you want to run oculus funded games that will never appear on Vive but dirt rally is a STEAM game and it shows a total lack of respect and disregard on their part in not adding steamvr support.

          • ummm…

            its a hack……..

          • Raphael

            Complete a sentence much?

          • ummm…

            i forgot how obnoxious you are. you just a poo starter. you must be fun at parties.

          • Raphael

            I’m a poostarter, twisted poostarter
            You’re a poostarter, twisted poostarter

          • ummm…

            smack my poo up!!!!

          • PJ

            Self entitlement on the Internet isn’t a good look..

            Revive is free program and works brilliantly

          • J.C.

            Out of all of the responses to my comment, yours is the dumbest.

            It doesn’t matter that it’s free. What matters is that it shouldn’t need to exist in the first place, and developers shouldn’t be rewarded with sales that they didn’t earn. If you have a Vive and purchase games that only natively work on Oculus or vice versa, you’re only helping extend the problem. You’re literally rewarding someone for being paid to shun you.

            If NOBODY bought ANYTHING on the oculus store because it’s hardware-exclusive, they’d already have added support for WMR and Vive.

            (I realize this ONE game is Oculus exclusive and on Steam, which makes it an outlier to my argument, but the cause/effect is the same.)

          • ummm…

            wow this is the most cringeworthy un-self-aware comment on the internet.

          • J.C.

            Clearly, this is your first day on the internet.

          • ummm…

            didnt even protest my point. maybe you are self aware.

          • J.C.

            Whaaaat point? You didn’t make one. You tossed out an inaccurate insult and that’s it. There’s nothing to protest. Try harder next time, I know you can do it!

            Here, I’ll help you: why do you think Oculus’ exclusivity ISN’T short sighted anti-progress?

          • ummm…

            we are two years on bud. we are two years on. stop it with the tired old argument. its lost its luster.

          • PJ

            Not really, there’s a free product enabling you to play a game on your headset that otherwise you wouldn’t be able too. I don’t like locked content on PC, an open platform, but right now locked content PCVR does have console esq locked content, if YOU don’t use revive, then YOU miss out.
            It’s not really that difficult

          • ummm…

            i use it for DR and thats all. its fine.

        • JJ

          JC is right and you guys are all butt hurt chodes. Don’t buy and support a game studio who doesn’t take the time to make a game compatible because you can just use a hack to make it work…. thats laziness on codemasters part so dont buy their game. I think its easy not to support things by not giving them your money so that next time they will think about their choices more realistically and fairly.

      • Sentsuizan

        Oculus has tried to get their platform on the Vive but Valve won’t play ball. There’s no incentive for Valve to allow another store on their VR platform while there’s plenty of incentive for both Oculus (increase their potential customer base) and Valve (more sales, obviously) to allow Steam on Oculus.

    • chuan_l

      Keijo’s ” Richard Burns ” VR 1.5 patch —
      [ ]

      • adrian meyer

        I got this last week it’s good but it’s really hard, just gotta persevere I suppose haha

    • Candy Cab

      My brother had one of those in the early 80’s with a built dual Mikuni 18R-G in it. Really fun car, needless to say he wishes he still had it :-) I was into 510’s back then.

  • ymo1965

    Just picked up Project Cars 2 Deluxe and got a Thrustmaster T150 RS Pro. New to driving wheels but looking forward to it. The demo PC2 was awesome. From that moment I was sold! :)

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Warning : Project Cars 2 runs super smooth on my GTX1070 with the Oculus medium settings, but it runs very poorly on Mixed Reality with all the graphics settings to minimum. Can’t get stable 45fps in MR, while in Oculus I get constant above 60fps with higher graphics settings. So it’s a compatibility problem. And you have to reset the view position with your head 4inches to the right cause re-centering the view with MR is a little off in PC2. PC2 was the smoothest VR game, but now with MR rFactor VR and raceroomVR are the one running smooth. If you buy project cars 2 you absolutely need the “Jack Spade” force feedback config files, otherwise the forcefeedback is total weak crap.

  • ummm…

    waaahhhhh, waahhhhh