Oculus announced that it’ll be showing Stormland’s co-op multiplayer feature at the PAX West event next week.

Upcoming Oculus exclusive Stormland is among the most anticipated VR titles set to launch this year. While Oculus and developer Insomniac Games had previously said that Stormland would include co-op multiplayer, very little about how it will work has been revealed.

That’s due to change next week at PAX West where Oculus said it will show off the game’s co-op multiplayer for the first time to attendees of the event.

Image courtesy Insomniac Games

Right now there’s very little detail on how the mode will work or even how many players will be supported.

Stormland is a promising title which seems to grow in potential each time that we’ve had the opportunity to demo it. The game is presented as an sci-fi open-world and incorporates a myriad of locomotion schemes from smooth movement, gliding, flying, and climbing, and all of it is mixed in with rich object interactions, combat, and exploration.

Watch 20 Minutes of 'Stormland' Gameplay

While we’ve got our fingers crossed for top-down co-op support which would allow two or more players to be in the same world and engage in all the game’s content together, it’s possible that the co-op will be less ambitious. For reasons of scope and complexity, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if co-op is restricted to certain regions, specific content, or other limitations like having non-host players inhabit ‘guest’ characters rather than their own single-player character with their own progression. Our fingers shall remain crossed.

We hope to have all of that cleared up next week when we get the first glimpse of Stormland‘s co-op multiplayer at PAX West.

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  • Greyl

    It looks kinda boring, to be honest.

  • I had totally forgotten about multiplayer! Omigosh! I’m even more excited for this game now, cannot wait to play this with friends! Now I need to get my brother an S even more…

  • asshat

    lol oh did oculus make this game?

    fuck no, insomniac did.