It’s amazing how well SUPERHOT (2016), the unforgettably stylized action game, worked when translated to virtual reality. Now, the developers at SUPERHOT Team are looking to get more hands on deck as they dive deeper into the world of VR development.

Once the developer relations guru at Oculus, Callum Underwood has since moved on to work as somewhat of a talent scout at indie games publisher Raw Fury. Making his way over to the Superhot Team’s HQ, Underwood tweeted out to his followers, many of whom continue to follow from his days at Oculus, that the Polish indie devs were “looking to hire some more VR developers.”

While Underwood alludes to the fact that many have left the studio on their own “spiritual journey[s] and might never come back,” it means the Superhot devs are still dedicating resources to VR development—a good sign coming from the team that produced our 2017 HTC Vive Game of the Year.

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  • Raphael

    They’re looking for a texture artist…

    • J.C.


  • yag

    I would love a sequel to Superhot, because it was supershort.

  • J.C.

    Am I the only one that thought Superhot VR was done….rather shoddily? Why do I have to be looking at a weapon to pick it up? And I mean LOOKING AT IT, not just seeing it in my peripheral. That’s ridiculous. Also bullets clearly have a MASSIVE hitbox, and it means when shooting through doorways and windows, if you don’t aim for the center of that opening, it’s gonna collide with the air SOMEWHAT near the border.

    Not amateur hour enough? How about not having any sort of menu during the campaign, and a level where not shooting a specific enemy IMMEDIATELY results in him running to where you can’t see him, he can’t shoot you, and just stays there. I had to kill the game from the Steam menu (twice, since he did this multiple times).

    When it works, it’s great. I feel like an incredible badass: throwing a gun from one location to where you know you’re about to teleport to, catching it and using it to clear THAT area much easier, is crazy awesome. But for the development time it took, it all too often feels like Baby’s First Programming Attempt, when it should be SPECTACULARLY flawless.

    • Adam Broadhurst

      Yet it’s still one of the best games in VR and probably the best shooter.

      • Annette

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      • Raphael

        Probably sounds like a guess and you’re guess is purely subjective. :)

    • Raphael

      You’re not wrong… remember it was submitted for a design a game in a week competition so that explains a lot. The issue for me is that the developer created the game a long time ago and hasn’t done much to expand on it. Yes it had a forever update with no new levels… just replaying the same levels in different ways. I liked the style of the game but it’s not in my collection because I refuse to buy games with 1 hour core game-play especially when the developer doesn’t expand on the game down the line.