Synaptics, a developer of input and display components for computers, smartphones, and other devices, recently introduced a new version of its ClearView display driver chip which has been optimized for head-mounted displays with high density displays, including a specialized feature for foveated rendering.

Display driver ICs are the chips that tell a display exactly what to do in order to display incoming images; they are a small but critical component in the GPU to display pipeline and—like a sleek sports car relying on a powerful engine—must be capable of matching a display’s own characteristics in order to achieve maximum display performance.

Synaptics, which makes a line of display driver ICs under its ClearView brand, recently announced the ClearView R63455 which the company says is specially optimized for head-mounted display applications, including support for dual displays up to 2,160 × 2,400 at 90Hz, which the company claims is an “industry-first.” Synaptics also says the chip includes a “Foveal Transport” feature supporting eye-tracked foveated rendering solutions which aim to deliver the highest quality imagery at the center of the user’s gaze.

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Another aspect of the announcement is the VXR7200 VR Bridge, working in conjunction with the ClearView R63455, which the company says supports full DisplayPort 1.4 bandwidth through a GPU using USB-C. Synaptics doesn’t specifically mention the VirtualLink VR display standard (which is based on USB-C and backed by NVIDIA and AMD, among others), but it sounds like support is technically possible with the R63455 & VXR7200.

Synaptics says they’re currently sampling the new VR-focused chips to potential customers.

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  • Very cool!

  • Xron

    So, over 2x more pixels, but if fov will be ~140 (now ~100) then it will be ~40/50% resolution upgrade… not as big as I would like to ;(

    • Raphael

      I am working on a much higher spec one for you.

      • Xron

        Yay! 1001 PPI PLZ!

        • Raphael

          At least that. The chip will be called Xron1001+

  • Darshan

    Amazing development in right direction … will secure future of more ppi packed vr headsets…

  • Ellon Musk

    new star vr headset with better displays will most likely be the next gen vr headsets

  • sfmike

    Keep going…we are getting there!

  • Victor Wachanga

    great leap

  • Eddie Barsh

    Doesn’t mean much if ppl can’t afford them. I’m a huge VR fanatic but it’s hard for mass adoption when they cost so much

    • gothicvillas

      Wait on psvr2 then

    • Nicolas Grignon

      same here… VR is for very wealthy people ATM… not a mass market product

      • mirak

        Like TV and radio at the begining.

      • Gonzalo Novoa

        Well, I’m not exactly reich and I have two headsets, it’s not that expensive.

      • Billy Jackson

        these complaints from the same people who will go out and drop 1000.00 on an iphone…

        • Nicolas Grignon

          pas vraiment non… moi j’achète mes smartphones quand ils sont à moins de 150$… un LG G3 puis un Samsung S6 (pour le gear VR que j’ai trouvé en usagé à 50$ + 25$de la manette VR samsung

    • I must have missed the price in there, because I went over it several times and they didn’t say the cost, one way or the other.

    • mirak

      TV in black and white in a huge heavy box and a little screen didn’t prevented people to buy and watch TV.

      I do not see why vr should be held to such high standards.

  • brubble

    Finally, more.

  • Gus Bisbal

    Why are people wanting the bleeding edge of technological break throughs to come out at low end consumer prices. Who are these spoilt bratts that want the best in the entire world, as cheap as your average monitor, made by the billions. If you can’t afford it then its not for you till enough people who can afford it buy it add profit to their development efforts and they optimise production to bring prices down. Is this new to people…FFS!

    • Mei Ling

      Who are these people you’re referring to?

    • Jistuce

      I think it is obvious why.

  • Here comes Brain Cancer!

    • Caven

      People usually reserve comments like that for articles about wireless. What’s prompting that here?

  • I appreciate the depth of coverage on this website, but maybe this is delving a bit too deeply into the technical aspects. Most people aren’t aware that displays even have driver boards.Since this is a sub-component of the display, which is a sub-component of the HMD, and doesn’t mention which displays it will be driving, it’s hard to say when we’ll even see what benefits this component will have or how well they are utilized.

  • Guygasm

    “Support panels >2K resolution or faster refresh rates, without image loss due to cabling”

    Odd statement to have in their press release. Is this just stating they can trade off one for the other?