Hand-tracking Action Arcade Game ‘Thrasher’ Coming to Quest & Vision Pro Next Month, PC VR Later


From the artist and composer behind indie hit Thumper (2016), the forthcoming Thrasher is officially launching on July 25th on Quest and Vision Pro. A PC VR and flatscreen version is planned for release at a later date.

We’ve known Thrasher was in the works for some time now, but this unique looking game now has an official release date of July 25th, priced at $20. The game is coming to Quest and is now confirmed to be releasing on Vision Pro the very same day. The PC VR and flatscreen version will launch at a later date.

A new trailer shows us a better look at the game’s chaotic yet mesmerizing gameplay:

Apparently based purely on hand-tracking (though likely falling back to controllers on PC VR), the gameplay looks undeniably unique. Here’s how the developers describe it:


Immerse yourself in a dazzling odyssey where music, visuals, and gameplay mesh into one transcendent experience. Journey from the depths of primordial gloom to the heights of celestial bliss, culminating in a heart pounding reckoning with a cosmic baby god.


Swoop, dash and thrash at breakneck speed, busting through obstacles and stacking up combos, leading to nine jaw dropping encounters with mysterious leviathans that will challenge your skills, and your sanity.


Deploy power-ups to supercharge your space eel and max out your combos. Create a destructive rainbow spray of bullets, bulldoze everything in a blaze of color and light, or slow things down to create a perfect path through the chaos.


Lose yourself in the enthralling soundtrack created by designer Brian Gibson, bassist for the band Lightning Bolt. THRASHER is a spatial audio showcase, creating a stunning sensory experience.


Vibe out and enjoy the wild journey, or push yourself to the limit by chaining together massive combos to worm your way up the rankings.

Will you be giving Thrasher a try?

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  • Why on earth would they not do PCVR? Why prioritize Apple VR when it isn't made for games and very VERY few people own one? If anything it should be Quest and PCVR first with the AppleVR port "sometime later".

    • ViRGiN

      If this wasn't sponsored by Apple, then the developer probably took it as an opportunity to learn about the platform.
      Porting to PCVR would lead to nowhere. It's a dead platform. Plus there is no proper hand tracking support.

      Safe to say, the content thirsty AVP users will gladly pay a few bucks just to try something new. You could never say this about PCVR users.

      • Sven Viking

        They are porting to PCVR (and flatscreen), but yeah, I think you’ll be right about AVP. As one of ~three immersive games on the platform it’ll hopefully have a high attach rate :).

  • LilBrudda

    That video makes me feel old.

  • TheBaxes

    Thumper's indirect sequel let's gooooo