Ubisoft today announced on stage at Unity’s GDC 2016 keynote that their Eagle Flight prototype VR experience is headed for a full launch.

Ubisoft’s Vicki Ferguson took to the Unity keynote stage this morning to give a brief demo of Eagle Flight, the company’s free-flying VR game which has players soaring as eagles over a human-abandoned Paris which is being slowly reclaimed by nature.

Ferguson announced that the game, which began as one of the early VR prototypes from Ubisoft, would be going forward to launch as a full title on Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive in 2016. It will include single-player challenges as well as 3 vs. 3 multiplayer matches.

On stage Ferguson said that rapid prototyping in virtual reality is essential because many paradigms in existing game design do not apply to VR. She said that Unity helped her and others working on the title achieve that quick iteration. Eagle Flight began as one of many VR prototypes the company worked on, and after receiving a great reception from early showings, they decided to move ahead with the game for a full launch to come in 2016 across the three major tethered VR headsets.

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  • So are the eagles also assassins? Do they have eagle vision?

    • Charles

      If the eagles are assassins, they could call this game “Assassin’s Screech”.

      • Mark Godfrey


  • Bruce

    Well it’s not on their store yet…