Unplugged brought its Rock Band-style gameplay to Quest back in October thanks to the standalone headset’s optical finger-tracking, letting you essentially play ‘air guitar’ instead of using a plastic peripheral. Now developer Anotherway announced the game is heading to PC VR headsets next month, and that it will only work with Valve Index controllers.

Anotherway announced that Unplugged is coming to PC VR headsets on December 2nd, providing support for SteamVR headsets that have the ability to use Valve Index controllers.

That essentially narrows its down to any headset using the SteamVR tracking standard, which includes Valve Index, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Pro 2, Vive Cosmos Elite, and Pimax headsets. The reasoning behind it: Index controllers provide five-finger tracking; only four are required to register the individual finger positions you need to perform specific chords.

To celebrate the PC VR release, the studio is tossing out a new Steel Panther song, which will come as a free update to both Meta Quest and PC VR. A Quest Passthrough option is also coming to the Quest version of the game which will let users blend the virtual stage with their living rooms.

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We noted that Quest’s sometimes unreliable hand tracking really killed a lot of the fun of Unplugged, which is partly why we gave it a somewhat middling [6/10] in our review on Quest when it launched back in late October. It will certainly be interesting to see how it improves with the addition of Index controllers, since we know those are rock-solid.

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  • knuckles625

    Very excited for this. Seems like it would be a great party game with a LIV setup (as its predecessors were for their era). It is interesting that their steam page says index controllers or hand tracking, but I didn’t think hand tracking worked through Oculus Link. Wonder if they mean Leapmotion/Ultraleap or are they anticipating quest hand tracking to eventually come to Link’ed games?

  • Ad

    I hope this comes to the lynx. Better hand tracking and real passthrough.

  • Ragbone

    I hope they make a version for the triangle.