Developers love their shirts and Valve is no exception. Joe Ludwig, a Valve programmer who has been closely involved with the SteamVR project, was spotted today rocking out a shirt with an exploded view of the company’s Lighthouse base station.

Ludwig spoke at SVVR Conference & Expo 2015 yesterday on OpenVR, Valve’s VR SDK which allows developers to access SteamVR hardware without having to go through Steam.

During the talk, he was rocking out a rather cool white t-shirt with an exploded schematic of a Lighthouse base station.


Ludwig talked about how the company wants OpenVR to be future proof, such that any games developed for OpenVR will work automatically with future hardware with no updates to the game needed.

He also talked about how Valve hopes that their Lighthouse tracking technology will become standard across the VR industry, with the hopes that it will become “like wifi”, in terms of its pervasiveness. He said that the company is willing to license the system to anyone. He also showed a short video of a Lighthouse base station revealed in slow motion.

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  • Raizin

    Here’s a somewhat better version of the schematic, corrected with an isometric grid as a guide.

    • Ben Lang

      Awesome, thank you for sharing!