Valve Software Programmer Joe Ludwig, aka one of the brains behind Team Fortress 2’s ‘VR mode’ and SteamVR, will be giving a talk at this year’s SVVR Expo on the company’s SteamVR APIs, otherwise known as OpenVR.

The 20 minute talk, entitled “OpenVR and You,” will center on Ludwig’s work with OpenVR, and what the free-to-use VR APIs have to offer potential app developers for SteamVR. Ludwig will also touch on Valve’s Lighthouse technology, a ‘room scale’ positional tracking solution used in HTC Vive, and exactly how the platform will be made openly available to hardware partners.

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“Now that we have Lighthouse, we have an important piece of the puzzle for tackling VR input devices,” said Ludwig in Valve’s announcement of SteamVR. “The work on the Steam Controller gave us the base to build upon, so now we have touch and motion as integrated parts of the PC gaming experience.”


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SVVR Expo will be taking place May 18-19th at the San Jose Convention Center, and looks to be jam packed with talks featuring some of the leading developers and supporters of the newly emerging consumer-focused VR market. Some of the highlights include:

The Future of Wearable Displays and Inputs from Leap Motion CTO David Holz. Holz shares what we’ll see with upcoming generations of virtual reality headsets and sensors.

One of VR’s Biggest Social Hangouts is Getting Upgraded Avatars with More Convincing Motion Tracking

VR Without Borders from self-described “virtual reality OG” Tony Parisi. Parisi describes WebVR, a new virtual reality API coming soon to web browsers. WebVR Uses HTML5 amd WebGL to create VR experiences that run virtually anywhere via a simple URL.

Spotlight on OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) from Sensics CEO Yuval Boger. Boger will be discussing the OSVR API, a popular multi-platform, free and open-source standardized interface to virtual reality devices and peripherals. Boger will also be presenting the expected roadmap of the OSVR software and hardware.

For a detailed list of talks and panel discussions, visit SVVR Expo’s in-depth speaker lineup.

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