‘Vertigo 2’ Gameplay Preview Shows Off Weapons, Combat & More

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Vertigo 2, the upcoming sequel to the single-player VR adventure, seems to be coming along quite nicely, as publisher Zulubo Productions just threw out a new video highlighting the game’s positively Half-Life-inspired environments alongside its growing arsenal of weapons.

There’s no definitive release window for Vertigo 2; it’s still marked on Steam as coming in 2020. Still, developers Zach Tsiakalis-Brown and Errol Bucy have been open about showing off their progress on the other-worldly shooter adventure over the past three years.

Now the studio is showing off more of the eerie underground facility, robot enemies that try to keep you in the lower levels, and a few of the game’s weapons in action.

From the onset, Vertigo 2 was being developed alongside Vertigo Remastered (2020), a freshly revitalized version of the original 2016 game. Check out our full review here.

If you’re looking to dive in head-first to Vertigo 2, there’s still the free demo version out for SteamVR headsets. Simply navigate to the game’s Steam listing and hit ‘Download Demo’ on the right-hand side. Granted, it’s the same demo which was released in mid-2019, but it’s still an impressive slice of gameplay.

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  • Pulstar44

    I absolutely positively cannot wait for this game.

  • Rosko

    Looks very polished, I think it could be the best VR game of

    • God, I hope not. If being “ok” is reason for Game of the Year, then we’ve truly hit a game drought.

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Only thing missing is NPC shadows.

  • Ender772

    just heard about this but excited for it. I wish the first one would go on sale

  • 3872Orcs

    I love this developer!

  • T2814

    Vertigo Remastered was one of my favorite games from last year and the Vertigo 2 demo was outstanding. Really looking forward to this game.

  • Looks like their new “gameplay” is just throwing more bad guys at you. The previous game was very… alright. It did everything you’d hope you’d see in a VR game, but nothing amazing. Looks like they are keeping up with their general ok-ness with further ok-ness. It’s all very… ok.

    • Krozin

      I dk man vs most games that I’ve played in vr, vertigo remastered felt like a full game that was worth the price. Not only was it a good length, it felt like a video game. It is no where close to being like some out there that feel like a half baked idea or demo.

      • Andrew McEvoy

        I thought it was brilliant myself. Very imaginative game and level design and nice pacing throughout..also felt good just to explore as well. Not bad for just the one developer! Definitely money well spent for me.

  • Henry Von Frompf

    Can I play as a white person?

    Honestly having to play as a black person is the only reason why I haven’t played Vertigo.

    • Alex

      I hope you are not serious dude

      • Henry Von Frompf

        I am very serious.

        • Alex

          and very dumb

          • Andrew McEvoy

            Just think of the bell curve in society.. now think where this guy is at…

        • b-real

          why is this ruining the game for you? im genuinely quite curious as to why this is gamebreaking for you.. i think i have several possible solutions. first pretend you are ethan hunt on a mission from mi8, you could be darkman with burns all over, you could also be a chimney sweeper or any job with an acceptable amount of dirt to darken your skin, lastly and i know this will probably be outside your comfort zone, or abilities as a human, but you could actually attempt to use a small amount of humility. Id really love to hear why this is or hopefully at this point was difficult.. good luckfellow traveler.

          • b-real

            dont think i can edit as a guest im typing in a vr headset please excuse the typos as well as substituting the word humility for the intended word empathy.. while we could all use more of both they have very different meanings. im leaning slightly to you are trolling as i cant imagine anyone not playing a game because the color of characters skin.. however i refused to play mario due to his mustache and the original tomb raider for obvious reasons, so i do understand standing by your principles.

  • I can’t wait!