Oculus Video Hands-On: Twitch, Vimeo, and Movies Come to Gear VR


Oculus Video received an update today for Gear VR, which delivers the much awaited integration of streaming content from Twitch, Vimeo, and purchasable movies.

In preparation for the consumer launch, Oculus is filling out the Gear VR platform with a number of content upgrades that is sure to attract acclaim. Not only can you watch Netflix in VR, but you can now watch livestreaming Twitch, select Vimeo content and also purchase recent 2D and 3D films for US and Canada based Gear VR owners.

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gear vr movies

Oculus says film rentals are “coming soon.” There is no word yet when purchasable content will be open up for the other international markets.

The promised integration of multi-user environments that Oculus VP of product Nate Mitchell says is coming to “all the Oculus Cinema experiences,” has yet to come, so watching streaming content is still a solo act for now.

We’re following all aspects of the upcoming consumer Gear VR launch, which will cost $99 and is slated for a November release.

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  • Andrés

    Who cares about Twitch or Vimeo if there’s no YouTube? I don’t know anyone who watches those, at least in my country.

    • David Mulder

      Quite curious where you’re from then, because in the gaming space Twitch is huge (far bigger in live streaming than Youtube), and in the artsy video space Vimeo is probably bigger than Youtube as well. Of course those two are niches, but they are niches existing in (nearly) every country I know (exceptions being countries like for example north korea or certain far eastern nations).