If you’re planning to pick up an HTC Vive any time soon you’ll net two extra titles with your purchase in addition to the two already offered.

Through March 31st all new Vive purchases will include the current purchase bundle including Zombie Training Simulator and The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed, along with two extra titles, Everest VR and Richie’s Plank Experience. The extra titles are redeemable through Viveport, HTC’s own VR app store. The company says the bundle is $75 worth of content—a nice bonus for sure, but not terribly much if the face of the Vive’s $800 price tag. So far it appears the extra titles are available if you purchase direct from HTC or through Amazon.

vive-purchase-bundleOn Steam, Zombie Simulator is rated ‘Very Positive’ with 95% positive reviews; The Gallery is ‘Very Positive’ (86%), Richie’s Plank Experience is ‘Very Positive’ (93%), and Everest VR is ‘Mixed’ (40%).

The current purchase bundle featuring Zombie Training Simulator and The Gallery has been in place since August last year and replaced the original bundle which was Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption. For a time, Tilt Brush had come with both bundles, but is no longer included.

HTC says that we can expect regular refreshes to the purchase bundle thanks to a new redemption platform that will “enable us to continually and dynamically update the content bundles for Vive, ensuring the best content is readily available to new Vive owners.”

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  • sntxrrr

    Everest VR is a great inclusion. It is a wonderful experience and a good introduction to VR, it just isn’t a game and has low replay value. That, combined with a relatively high price, got it some bad reviews on Steam but makes it excellent as a purchase bundle.

  • CoffeeBuzz

    Meh, they should stop throwing shovel ware at folks and just do real discounts/sales. I have all the games aside from the latest two added, and to me, they wouldn’t push me to buy if I was on the fence. Certainly not if I was VR skeptic. So far the best deal was the new years 100 off. That was a nice one.

  • Peter T

    Bought a Vive from a physical Microsoft Store – they also give those games through the end of Feb.

  • RFC_VR

    Bought my first Vive instore from a well known electrical / PC retailer here in the UK.

    Spent 4 weeks chasing them for the “bundled software” (actually just needed an email with the DL codes). No one took responsibility.

    Ended up getting refund on the Vive due to breach of contract (no software, as advertised).

    Bought another Vive through another online channel of the same retailer, hoping the bundle process would be more automatic.

    Email never came, I kept chasing without success. 3 weeks later, after contacting HTC directly, HTC UK were trying on my behalf.

    After 1 week they called me (whilst in VR) and admitted they could not get any support either from the retailer and gave me the bundled software at their costs after learning of my refund and ongoing issues.. props to HTC UK