HTC today announced that Viveport, the company’s digital distribution platform for VR games, now supports Valve Index. Much like their previous promotion for Oculus Rift users, Valve Index owners will be able redeem two free months of Viveport Infinity, the platform’s Netflix-style subscription service that lets you play any and all participating games for a monthly fee.

Throughout the month of September, both new and existing Viveport Infinity members who own a Valve Index can redeem two free months of Infinity, which includes periodic discounts on games as well as access to premium Viveport Video content.

HTC says Valve Index members will gain access to “hundreds of top-rated VR titles” including Ninja Legends, A Fisherman’s Tale, Apex Construct, Fujii, Gun Club, Angry Birds VR and I Expect You To Die.

Viveport Has Earned a Second Chance Thanks to Infinity

To activate your free trial, simply head to this page to download Viveport, make sure you Valve Index is plugged in, and accept the free offer once you’ve booted up Viveport.

And if you’ve heard bad things about Viveport, you may want to check again before writing it off entirely. It’s changed quite a bit since it was launched three years ago, and I personally think Infinity has helped earn Viveport a second chance. Whatever the case, the two free month trial period should give you more than enough time to figure out whether Infinity is right for you.

The inclusion of Index support brings Viveport at near-parity with Steam in terms of headsets supported, which also includes HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows VR headsets.

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  • Yeshaya

    Sweet. Is this a limited time only offer, or could I redeem it in a few weeks? I figure I’ll finished some of the games I’ve got already before I dedicate a couple months to going through their library. There’s some games like I expect you to die and fisherman’s tale that I really want to play, but don’t think have enough value to actually own. This offer will be great to give them a playthough.

    • Immersive_Computing

      Fisherman’s Tale might be reason enough to try this trial.

      • Yeshaya

        I agree, the trailer really struck me. Btw I checked and the offer is good Sept 1 – 30. I saw that windlands 2 is in the library, maybe I’ll try to finish windlands 1 before I activate my two months.

  • Nads

    Does anyone know if we can use this offer with the Index if we activated the Oculus Rift offer a few months back? That one was also viveport free for 2 months.

    • Sky Castle

      I don’t see why not. They are 2 completely different promotions. I also used the Rift S free 2 months and 2 other one month activation for other promotions. With the Index 2 months offer I’ll have a total of 6 months of free Viveport so far.

  • Sooner or later, I want to try Infinity. Still had not the time to review it…