VorpX is an application that lets you play your favourite games in virtual reality and is about to release its most “feature packed update ever”. The new release will drop on October 23rd and brings with it a host of tech updates including Oculus Runtime 0.7 support, Async Timewarp, ‘Crystal Image’ mode and a mode that allows you to browse the web, all inside your Oculus Rift VR headset.

We took a look at the forthcoming features teased by VorpX creator Ralf Ostertag a little while ago, but we now have a date for its release and a firm list of features to expect when the update launched on October 23rd.

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The new release has been rebuilt for Oculus’ new runtime 0.7, a major API overhaul which brings with it Direct Driver Mode, a feature which lowers rendering latency by tapping directly into your GPU’s driver. This means VorpX 0.9 can leverage advantages such as Asynchronous Timewarp. “vorpX got its own frame timing mechanism, totally disregarding the system vsync options,” Ostertag says in his latest blog post, the new feature “offers several direct to hmd thread sync modes and let’s you optionally cap your game framerate at exactly half of the headset refresh rate so that every second frame is done by timewarping. A great way to get a smooth experience even in demanding games.”

Another new feature promises to improve the image quality of titles displayed using the injection driver, which traditionally suffers from poorer image quality in comparison with native VR titles. “Crystal Image provides you with the sharpest and clearest image you have ever seen in injected VR, which traditionally suffered from being more blurred than most native VR applications. Costs about 10-20% GPU performance but is easily worth every one of it if you can afford it.”

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Another intriguing feature, new to 0.9, is Windows 8/10 vorpX Desktop App which allows Windows 8 and 10 users to watch YouTube videos, surf the web and launch VorpX compatible titles from within VR, whilst wearing their Oculus Rift headset.

Dedicated Video Player Mode will be a boon to fans of stereoscopic movies, vorpX now lets you launch stereo side by side or over/under videos, taking advantage of Async Timewarp along the way.

The update will also bring Basic Open GL support and Full Mirror Window, along with a handful of new games supported.

Existing users should receive the new update automatically, and if you’re interested in grabbing a copy, head over to our affiliate page for VorpX where you can grab the software and support Road to VR all at the same time!

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