VR Mech Game ‘Vox Machinae’ Coming to Quest 2 in March Alongside Campaign Update


Cult favorite VR mech game Vox Machinae is about to see some big changes come early March. The title is now slated to launch on Quest 2 for the first time, which will happen simultaneously alongside a major update that will add a full campaign.

If there’s two things that developers Space Bullet Corp have heard time and again about their VR mech game, Vox Machinae, it’s requests for a campaign mode and Quest 2 support. As it turns out, the studio has quietly been working to make both a reality, and will be delivering even sooner than we expected.

Currently set for a March 3rd release date, the studio will simultaneously launch the game’s previously revealed campaign update alongside the Quest 2 version of Vox Machinae. The studio has confirmed the game will unfortunately only be available Quest 2 (and not Quest 1), citing performance issues on the older headset. Here’s the release trailer:

Both the original PC VR and Quest 2 versions of Vox Machinae are said to have feature parity, including the new campaign mode on both platforms. The studio has also confirmed that cross-play is supported for multiplayer modes, including an in-game friend system which enables cross-platform invites between friends, rather than mere cross-platform matchmaking. And FYI, the game also supports non-VR on PC, including cross-play with VR platforms.

Vox Machinae has a storied history dating back to at least 2014 when the game was first previewed, well before the advent of motion controllers as the standard means of input for VR content and nearly two years before the first tethered consumer VR headsets even hit the market. Despite its very early entrance into the VR scene, indie backing, and lengthy development period, Vox Machinae has defied the odds and managed to make its way to an early access launch in 2018. Even in 2022, the game stands as one of the best VR mech sims available today and has earned a place on our list of indie VR gems worth playing.

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  • Talon1

    Already have Vox but will gift it to my nephew day 1. So excited!

  • gamechanger

    Do we know the price? Is the Steam price going to increase?

  • Nice!

  • Jimmy Johnson

    I’ll be demanding a refund, then. I paid for a full game, not a game that punches its way back to 2016 tech demo status. I’ve never seen a game on PC go to the quest and be an acceptable VR experience by modern standards.

    • Guy Godin

      Nice propaganda you pervert

      • Jimmy Johnson

        Not my fault you’re poor and can’t afford to experience real VR games. Have fun paying Zuckerberg to exist in the metaverse with all your metamates.

    • Raphael

      In Death is a much better game on Quest than the steamVR version. Stuff you’ve never seen is merely stuff YOU have never seen. Doesn’t make your statement fact.

  • mappo

    I hope it’s possible to select non-PC screen lobbies. It’s soo much harder to pilot those mechs in VR compared to point-and-click mouse jockies.

  • Jay Stewart

    Can’t wait! There looks like a lot of variety in that trailer, more than just repurposed multiplayer maps.

  • I’m curious, I think I have the game from a sale but never stopped to play it. Simple deathmatch didn’t interest me, even if the mechanics seemed cool.

    I’m not too sure about these human cut-scenes. I know they took alot of work to make but are they really going to add much as far as gameplay? Complex mission objectives and co-op interest me far more then hammy acting and cartoon characters. I fear they might be throwing their limited resources behind something that adds little to the gameplay.

  • Tus Hirm

    Try Avatar Mech the only VR mech game that allow you control mech arm with exoskeleton like in the movie, multiplayer on Oculus Quest 2