3DRudder, the foot-controlled VR locomotion peripheral, has been officially available for PC VR users for around two years now, although the Marseille, France-based company has been working in the meantime to refine their design and also bring it to PSVR too. Now the company has stated that the PSVR version, which was originally intended to launch this month, is delayed until June.

3DRudder for PSVR is slated to launch globally on June 17th, costing $120/€120/£120.

The company’s website seems to still be showing the message “Est. Delivery May 2019,” however a PS blog post maintains that 3DRudder for PSVR is indeed now available for pre-order for global shipping on June 17th.

At the moment, only the European-facing store is taking pre-orders, replete with the same estimated May launch window. We’re keeping an eye on the North American store too in the meantime.

Image courtesy 3DRudder

3DRudder is VR locomotion device intended for seated use; it’s designed to free up your hands for other tasks like shooting, reloading, etc. To move, you simply tip the rounded bottom in your desired direction, or physically swivel the device slightly with your feet to rotate left and right.

Here's Every Game With Support for PSVR Aim

The company says 25 PSVR games will be supported at launch including:

Check out the release trailer below:

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  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    More plastic crap.

    • jj


  • Pablo C

    Roomscale makes this useless.

    • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

      I think the price has done that.

  • Craig Anderson

    PSVR owners: Sony, can you please, PLEASE just give us thumbsticks on the move controllers?

    Sony: yep, message received loud and clear – here’s a frisbee for your feet, that’ll be $120.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      It’s not from Sony…

      • Craig Anderson

        fair, but it’s officially licensed by Sony

        • Caven

          All the licensing means is that Sony approved the product for use with the PS4. It doesn’t mean they asked anyone to make the product for them.

          • Craig Anderson

            …and you don’t think a third party would jump at the chance to create Move substitute controllers if the opportunity was available?

          • Caven

            The opportunity IS available. 3rd-party hardware developers don’t have to wait for Sony to ask them to make something, otherwise I’m certain Rocksmith would never have had a PS4 version. And if Sony really wanted to make something, they’d probably do it themselves instead of asking a 3rd-party developer to do it.

          • Shawn

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      • care package

        Whether it’s from Sony or not wasn’t his point. His point was to take a jab at Sony for chosing to use the old tech to supplement their VR. Because of that creative methods need to be thought up for movement where something as simple as a thumbstick could have solved all of that.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    But will the PSVR version also work with PC, as I don’t think it’ll be any different. it’s still a standard USB device. This might be interesting to buy if it also would support PC, so you don’t have to buy the specific older PC version..


    No really, WTF!?!

  • I think that 3dRudder has find its ideal platform… but I’m wondering what will happen when the PSVR 2 will probably have better controllers, with thumbsticks on them

  • nejihiashi88

    i said it before and i will say it now the best thing for easy locomotion is a stepper machine like this
    it only needs slight adjustments, to make turns is either by pressing on the controller or leaning on the sides to make a turn.

    • Downvote King

      That’s an interesting thought, I do wonder how you could actually modify it for turning and reversing though. Seems like leaning to the direction you want to move would be a difficult input to sense? Especially without falling over. Maybe you could mount the whole thing on a very sensitive 3D rudder type device.

    • Lucidfeuer

      If it was mounter on a 360° rotation rack, maybe.

  • Cl

    Hmmm now I want a snowboard for vr. I remember snowboarding on the Wii fit and it was pretty fun.

  • realtrisk

    Oh look. A terrible idea recycled from a terrible idea on the NES. This is just the Rolling Rocker all over again. Some people never learn, and to quote the AVGN, “What were they THINKING?”